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  1. Dan S.

    Any Advice about how to strengthen my knees for down hills.

    Check out the kneesovertoesguy
  2. Dan S.

    For those who have walked the Camino 2 or more times

    I just turned 60, so maybe its a good time for reflection - and thanks for the opportunity to do so here! Few things in my life have allowed for such personal reflection and growth as my caminos. I'm a fan of the Norte and have walked all or portions of it (sometimes taking the Primitivo) solo...
  3. Dan S.

    My plan is not to have a plan, is that the point of the Camino?

    Over a number of Caminos I've planned less and less. Now I have a loose plan for the day in mind which considers available resources (am I flush with cash? what, exactly, is in my pack? are there bars and supermarkets available?) along the way (which may or may not be open), terrain, indicated...
  4. Dan S.

    Camino del Norte May 2023

    Its not a huge savings in time/distance, but I'd take the subway from Bilbao to Portugalete.
  5. Dan S.

    The Beauty of Ruins

    A couple from the Norte Sorry, don't remember the locations too well.
  6. Dan S.

    Start in Irun or San Sebastian - WWYD?

    If it helps there is a Mailboxes Etc. store on the way out of Irun right on the Camino. They are open until 18:00 during the week: https://www.mbe.es/es/envios-impresion/irn/0174 If the weather is nice, and you can manage the alpinista (purgatorio) route, I found it almost breathtaking,. I would...
  7. Dan S.

    BBC Program "Celebs" on the Camino

    My Daughter and I had a chance to walk with Heather Small, who is in the documentary, for a bit. We chatted about our children, and how nice it was to be walking on that particular day, and about the Camino in general. We had no idea "who" she was at the time, just another nice pilgrim on the...
  8. Dan S.

    Anyone Out There?

    Hope to see some of you out on the Norte. My daughter & I will be leaving Irun on May 18 too.
  9. Dan S.

    Class of 2017

    Flights booked for a father/daughter trip beginning on May 18. Camino del Norte -> Camino Primitivo. Can't wait!!
  10. Dan S.

    Alburgues from Luarca to Santiago on Norte

    I'd recommend the Alburgue San Martin in Miraz. It is run by the Confraternity of Saint James. Great facilities and very welcoming.
  11. Dan S.

    Background Reading for Camino Del Norte?

    This should help you with the first part of your Camino del Norte trek: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0140298517/?tag=casaivar02-20 I included the amazon link because you can pick up used copies pretty inexpensively, but recommend borrowing a copy from your library, in case you don't think its a...
  12. Dan S.

    Vibram FiveFingers - How many people have used these?

    I met Alan Murray and Jeanette Murray-Wakelin on the Camino del Norte this past May-June. They wear five finger shoes and also did when they ran a marathon a day for a year around Australia. AROUND AUSTRALIA! Jeanette swaps between walking barefoot and wearing her 5 fingers, which she has also...
  13. Dan S.

    Camino Norte Santander to Santillana Section

    I took the train across the bridge, and some walking mates walked across. We all made it safely. You cannot buy a ticket at the station right before the bridge. Fortunately?! for my group the FEVE guy showed up on the platform to get on the train to check tickets and he sold us ones. I think...
  14. Dan S.

    April /May/June 2016 Peregrinos - Camino Frances

    Hi Fred, last minute switch from Camino Frances to Camino del Norte for me. I fly into Biarritz early tomorrow and hope to get a good start at Irun in the morning. Thanks!
  15. Dan S.

    Anyone starting from SJPdP on May 24?

    Take a look at the April/May/June list here: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/april-may-june-2016-peregrinos-camino-frances.36410/
  16. Dan S.

    My Mother is freaking out !

    I am glad I will not die without having seen Paris. Or Venice. I think the same about my own upcoming camino. To not do these things and see these places is to already be dead (for me). Life happens outside of the comfort zone - but that does not give us permission to be foolish. So be careful...
  17. Dan S.

    Miam Miam Dodo

    You might save a little money if you look it up on http://www.worldcat.org/and find a library to borrow it from. Then if you still want to buy a copy - you can usually find even somewhat rare books on bookfinder: http://www.bookfinder.com/
  18. Dan S.

    April /May/June 2016 Peregrinos - Camino Frances

    Hi Fred, Please switch my start date from May 14th to May 12. It won't be long now...
  19. Dan S.

    April /May/June 2016 Peregrinos - Camino Frances

    Hi Fred, Please put me down for May 14th, leaving from SJPDP. Thanks!
  20. Dan S.

    Class of 2016

    Just bought a plane ticket from Philly to Paris! Leaving from home May 10, plan to start at SJPP on May 12. Current obsession: reading about gear.

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