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  1. K

    Central or Espiritual Portuguese Route?

    Armenteriera has a beautiful monastery with a pilgrim blessing each evening. Very special singing from the nuns and a prayer in your language. The next day is the single best day of walking in all my walking....ever. So beautiful...the path of stone and water. Don't miss it.
  2. K

    Which route to take on Portuguese camino?

    Spiritual variant is beautiful
  3. K

    Hiking Poles - leaving them behind...

    I flew Ryan air from Barcelona to Santiago de C. I had my poles on my carry-on suitcase.(taken down to three pieces for each pole). I had unscrewed the metal tips and screwed on rubber tips. I had no problems. Maybe luck? I don't know, but did this on the advice from this Forum. Anybody else?
  4. K

    Camino de Faro. Walking partner wanted 6/20/2023

    I ended up staying on the traditional Camino de Santiago routes. It was pretty; not too much asphalt. I felt the need to be able to call, and get help if needed. Thanks
  5. K

    Options: what to do after arriving in Santiago

    I loved Lires. Better than Muxia and Finesterre. I stayed at LiresCa, walked town the river to the beach and enjoyed a drink at the bar there. So quiet, peaceful but not exciting.
  6. K

    Variante Espiritual recognized or not ?

    I started in Vigo, completed the Spiritual Variant with the boat. 101km on my distance certificate. Received Compostela no problems. Enjoy
  7. K

    Walking last 100KM. English or Portuguese route?

    A Picarana stay to split walk Padron to SdC : https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/51328703?c=.pi80.pkYm9va2luZy92MV9taWdyYXRpb24vcmVzZXJ2YXRpb25fYWNjZXB0YW5jZV9jb25maXJtYXRpb25fZ3Vlc3Q%3D&euid=0ed6c8e4-2b27-a172-3bfd-3bc9c3598b54&source_impression_id=p3_1687493770_ssySFJbQVE0%2FKU1t
  8. K

    Walking last 100KM. English or Portuguese route?

    Buenos dias, I'm leaving Muxia this morning, back to Santiago de Compostela to go home. A great trip. I used Amare for the boat. I found the responsive and professional. They give a tour as you make your way up the river. I contacted them through email at Amare Turismo Náutico...
  9. K

    Camino de Faro. Walking partner wanted 6/20/2023

    Thank you. Yes, this is the route I was referring. With your help I'm going to take the plunge and fo it. Thanks!
  10. K

    Camino de Faro. Walking partner wanted 6/20/2023

    Thanks for the encouragement!
  11. K

    Camino de Faro. Walking partner wanted 6/20/2023

    Hello, I really want to walk off of asphalt. I understand the Camino de farro between Finesterre and Lires is beautiful but treacherous. I'm walking solo but would consider walking this route if I had someone to do it with. Anyone interested in tackling this beautiful but challenging route on...
  12. K

    Walking last 100KM. English or Portuguese route?

    I recently completed spiritual variant of Camino Portuguese starting at n Vigo. I can recommend it. I used the Wise Pilgrim app to validate directions. I enjoyed staying in Montestary in Armenteira and the boat from Villanova de arousa. Stopped at Don Pepe in Padron. Now on my way to Finesterre...
  13. K

    Walking last 100KM. English or Portuguese route?

    The Spiritual variant of Portuguese was beautiful. I'm on my way to Finesterre and not finding it as beautiful as spiritual variant. Stay at Montesary de Armenteiria. The next day is the most beautiful walk I've encountered my entire life. I booked the boat ahead of time, but not sure it was...
  14. K

    Santiago de Compostela best restaurant

    Thank you. Yes, we had a beautiful meal at Don Quioxte with a bottle of wine and dessert. It was sublime.Cheers!
  15. K

    Santiago de Compostela best restaurant

    Thank you to all. I'm staying at pension Fonseca after attending Pilgrims mass today. Life is very good! Thank you to this Forum for all the recommendations. I especially appreciated staying at the montesorino in armenteira and the town of armenteira. The stone and water route was the most...
  16. K

    Santiago de Compostela best restaurant

    I'm finishing my first Camino with my 83 year old father tomorrow. I want to celebrate the Camino and father's day with a nice meal. Where in Santiago de Compostela would you recommend? My apologies for repeat of possible past posts. I did a search and did not find. Thank you in advance, Kim
  17. K

    Wise Pilgrim App Porto to Vigo

    Thank you. I am so comforted knowing this.
  18. K

    Wise Pilgrim App Porto to Vigo

    Apologies for my ignorance. Will the app show me where I am and where the route is? I've grown dependent on navigation showing me how to get from one place to another. I'd just open the app on my phone to map my location and the route? Thank you
  19. K

    100km marker in Vigo? Where is it?

    THank you! yes, that is what I was looking for. Although, it doesn't seem to be quite on the route I was planning on taking out of Vigo. I might taxi there to get a picture. It looks like a nice view. So excited

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