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    Beds in First Stage Albergues - Current Situation

    Thanks! Be there in 5 days!
  2. F

    Cotton blend socks

    I'm going with new-ish versions of the socks I've been hiking in for years. Tested and tried.
  3. F

    What’s the weather forecast

    Is it warm enough to layer under my poncho and leave the puffy coat at home? The forecast I'm seeing is 39 (3.8 C) degrees and rain when I walk out of SJPDP.
  4. F

    What’s the weather forecast

    We will be walking the Napoleon route over the Pyrenees on Thursday and Friday of next week. What weather should we plan for? Temps? Rain or sun?
  5. F

    REI Sale

    Xero sandals and Goodr sunglasses
  6. F

    Cotton blend socks

    We fly out in 4 days. I’ve tried major branded socks, three brands, and can’t wear wool. It feels hot and makes my feet hurt for three or four days after. Walking in cotton blend toe socks.. I must be allergic to the wool.
  7. F

    Contact solution

    Will I be able to find 3% Hydrogen Peroxide contact solution on my Camino (Frances)?
  8. F

    Question about Alsa bus tickets

    I got it to work. Yes, the passport number was what they wanted. Also downloaded the app for digital tickets. Thanks everybody!
  9. F

    Question about Alsa bus tickets

    I was trying to buy an Alsa bus ticket on-line to take us from Pamplona to SJPDP. It ask for a "document" and document number? Passport isn't mentioned and it wont let me make a purchase without completing that portion. Can I just walk up and buy two tickets when we land in Pamplona?
  10. F

    We fly out in 9 days..

    So excited! This has been my top bucket list item for decades.
  11. F

    We fly out in 9 days..

    No, actually we reserved at Orisson as well! Awesome sauce!
  12. F

    Right quad pain, ok to push through or something to be worried about?

    I find that sometimes a knee wrap helps.
  13. F

    We fly out in 9 days..

    In a few days we fly to Dallas for a graduation then on to Pamplona. We decided to go light and not use a check bag. We plan to buy a few things when we arrive, like walking poles and a Swiss army knife for opening wine bottles and cutting bread, etc.. My awesome wife and I are chronic over...
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    Terminal switch in Madrid

    We decided to not take a check bag. So we can just go straight to where ever we need to at given airports. Plus, we want to try traveling very light.
  15. F

    Starting Camino Frances in SJPDP 31st May

    We will be there when you are but our walk starts on the 30th.
  16. F

    Backpack size

    I went down from an Osprey 38 to a 34.
  17. F

    Terminal switch in Madrid

    I just got a note that I'll be switching terminals in Madrid for the last leg to Pamplona. If everything is on time I'll have one hour and fifty minutes to make this happen. Seems like a tight schedule to me, given how often flights aren't on time. Anyone here ever switch terminals in Madrid...
  18. F

    Getting to SJPDP

    I thought about that but, the reason we’re taking the carry on bag is to give us flexibility in the start and at the end. Walking poles and a Swiss Army knife with corkscrew will be in the check bag. Along with a clean change of clothes for when we get to Santiago. Seems best to bring it to...
  19. F

    Getting to SJPDP

    I was looking at Alsa bus tickets to get from Pamplona to SJPDP. We plan to take 1 carry on bag to send from SJPDP to Ivar. The bus ticket mentions size restrictions for an extra bag, etc.. What are my options to get to SJPDP? Taxi? Car rental? Bus? Train?? The extra bag size mentioned...
  20. F

    Partially unplugging from the world

    I am wondering how you disconnect, in part, from the world. I have a couple of reasons that I need to be accessible but, I don't want to be constantly connected on this journey. Ideas?

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