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    Santiago to Finisterra and back

    Hi fellow pirigrinos! How are you all doing? I’m on my Camino right now, and have basically decided to walk to Finisterra. I have several questions! 1. How long it takes? I hear it takes three days. Is that right? 2. How many km is it? 3. Once I arrive in Finisterre, how long do I need (for a...
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    Do I need to bring a passport?

    I know perhaps not all country nationals will be able to relate to this question. I have an EU national identity card - I can fly with it freely anywhere in the EU - no passport needed. Also, I have a driving licence; so I was thinking to just bring these two cards - nice, compact, easy. Is...
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    Number of shoes to take (and underwear and other stuff...)

    Hi yall, I have my walking boots to take and walk in; and I was planning to take my flip flops and nothing else. However my parents say I must take a second pair of shoes, at least to start with, and alternate, and then just throw, or leave behind on the camino, as I have settled in my boots...
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    How much do your backpacks weigh?

    Hey all, Simple question, to get a relative idea of what is 'the norm'. I've read something like 10% of body weight. Let me know, so I have an idea what to aim for. Regards, Sophia
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    Can my backpack fit in for hand luggage on the plane?

    Hi guys, I'm starting to look at tickets now. Will I need to book a piece of luggage?? Or can my backpack pass for hand luggage that doesn't need to be checked in? (Just imagine an average 35+5 litre pilgrim backpack.) To those that have done this already - have you had to check the bag in...
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    First Albergue experience ever - What is the norm?

    Hello everyone! I have never ever stayed in an albergue. I have gotten the idea (Please correct me if I'm wrong!) from my guidebook, and whatever I have heard - that you just turn up, maybe need to queue, and hope for the best (i.e. - that they have a bed and space for you). Is there any...
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    Biarritz to Saint Jean - Express Bourricot or public transport?

    Hi guys! As I was asking for more details on how to get from the airport to St Jean, many people were talking about Express Bourricot, I didn't really consider it right away, and thought to keep it as a plan B. However, it just seems so much easier, and less fuss and drama to take this service...
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    Sleeping bag weight

    Hi guys! I decided to most probably go for a sleeping bag. However, the one in my local camping store is around 880 grams - I've read and heard people with sleeping bags that weight 500 grams or so. I don't really know, if it would be alright for me to just buy the one they have in the store or...
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    Bayonne to St. Jean

    Hi everyone! I was looking on here: https://www.goeuro.es/travel-search2/results/788596999/train?v=wa_dw_bwg:on and it looks like there are only four trains that run from Bayonne to St. Jean a day! Is that right?Or are there more trains, but perhaps from a different company that run at other...
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    Biarritz airport to Bayonne rail station

    Hi amigos, I am trying to plan my way to St. Jean - On google I managed to find out that there are some buses/shuttles that seem to take me directly from Biarritz airport to Bayonne rail station (please correct me if I'm wrong!) -14, or C, or 816 (816 seems to be quicker for some reason?). Do I...
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    Sleeping bag - yes or no?

    Hi beautiful people! Hope you are all doing well. I look forward to commencing my camino very soon; and here's a question: do I need a sleeping bag or no? I plan to sleep in hostels; and i believe it is not peak time if I were to go at the end of April, or so; and as a solo female, I wouldn't...
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    Another shoes related question

    Hi all! I have a pair of high cut leather boots. Are these appropriate to walk the Camino in May, or am I going to end up having to send them home by post and buying something lighter? So confused! Please help!
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    Can I buy hiking stuff on the way?

    I've never hiked for 30 days. I read and read; and watch videos, and I will pack to the best of my understanding... But let's say I don't buy something fundamental, or let's say I buy something and find out on the camino it doesn't work for me. Can I buy hiking specialized gear ON the camino...
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    What time

    Hi guys, So I plan to quit my job, and do the camino, starting mid April. What are your thoughts on my choice of the time in the year? I'm not convinced it would be nicer in the peak of summer months, but I am slightly worried that it might be rainy at the time I've choses. Let me know your...
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    Hi Guys, So, I've had these hiking high rise boots, and I've been thinking to do the camino in them - April this year But the more I read, and watch videos, the more people are recommending low rise hiking shoes? Would you agree; what are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.
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    Thoughts on tank tops?

    Hi guys! Can I wear a tank top on the camino, or is that going to be too much friction in my armpits area and with the direct contact with the backpack? Would you recommend a T-shirt, or can I pack tank tops too? Thank yo so much in advance! I'm sorry if my question seems stupid, but you've been...
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    Bag Size

    Hello guys, How big should my backpack be? I've read things like: 15% of my bodyweight; or 30-40 litres; 35-40 litres? What are your suggestions?
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    Hello guys! This is the first time I will ever do something of this kind! I don't know where to even begin from... But here's one question, to start with: Do I need tops & shorts from a professional camping store, or can I just wear a regular top from Forever 21, or H&M, that is of course...

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