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  1. Shakespearshakes

    On the passing of Mary Oliver

    Thank You Dani7
  2. Shakespearshakes

    A personal appeal to the Camino 'community'

    Please convey to Pia my best wishes and hopes of a speedy recovery.
  3. Shakespearshakes

    Hi Sandra. I will be starting the VDLP from Seville on the 3rd of May. Hope to run into you and...

    Hi Sandra. I will be starting the VDLP from Seville on the 3rd of May. Hope to run into you and your husband along the way. Take care and Buen Camino ! Dan Bryson aka Shakespearshakes
  4. Shakespearshakes

    Pilgrim passport for CP

    Hello Lynne You can pick up your credential at the cathedral in Porto. Cost €2.
  5. Shakespearshakes

    Second Chance

    Yes. And one has to admire his grit. Although my admiration is mixed with a little worry that he will harm himself, He is very inexperienced and the PCT is a severe learning curve indeed. On the positive side It appears that experienced trail hikers and trail angels are now looking out for him...
  6. Shakespearshakes

    Second Chance

    Interesting step by step piece about a hiker who goes by the name of second chance. Despite huge odds, he is attempting to walk the Pacific crest trail. Regardless of his lack of hiker experience, fitness, and many other rookie errors he just keeps going...
  7. Shakespearshakes

    VdLP Spring Walkers' Calendar

    I will start the VDLP a month later so I cant help you there. But you will do just fine. Take it easy and do short stages until you get your camino legs. Remember its not a race, its about putting one foot in front of the other and enjoying the wonders the Camino can show you. On a practical...
  8. Shakespearshakes

    Total Hip Replacement

    I have a hip replacement. Since then I have walked the CF and the CP. I plan on starting the VDLP in April. So yes you will be able to walk the camino after proper Reha and care. It may take you a little longer and you will have to be careful and avoid falling on that hip as it will always be...
  9. Shakespearshakes

    VdLP Spring Walkers' Calendar

    April 30th from Sevilla.
  10. Shakespearshakes

    On the passing of Mary Oliver

    Yes Levi it's a beutiful line . Here the full poem. The Summer Day Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black bear? Who made the grasshopper? This grasshopper, I mean- the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who is eating sugar out of my hand, who is moving her jaws...
  11. Shakespearshakes

    On the passing of Mary Oliver

    I'm not sure that this is entirly pertinent to the Forum. The Mods should feel free to delete as they see fit. The Pulizer prize winning poet Mary Oliver passed away on the 17.01.2019. She wrote a poem called 'The Journey' which I think epitomizes much of the reasoning behind the call of the...
  12. Shakespearshakes

    Women not as strong as men.

    Fantasic achievement. Well done to Jasmin Paris. I walked this route many years ago - took me two weeeks. She has done it in just over 83 hours. ---- Respect !
  13. Shakespearshakes

    Casa Fernanda

    Thanks for the news. I stayed at Fernandas place a few months ago. Glad to hear that she is ok.
  14. Shakespearshakes

    A bad dream

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Peter.
  15. Shakespearshakes

    Camino Souvenir

    As always Coleen you make me smile. Thank you for that
  16. Shakespearshakes

    Sad death of Sagalouts

    Hello Rachel. I passed by the memorial and paid my respects to the memory of Sagalout on the 27th July. Thought you might like to know that your rosary beads are still in place on the memorial.
  17. Shakespearshakes

    Day 2 SJPDP

    Well stated . Good luck and good roads Buen Camino
  18. Shakespearshakes

    Making the Camino better

    Truth stated Reb. The politicos push themselves to the front where praise is anticipated. But when responsibility calls - It's the same thing all over.
  19. Shakespearshakes

    LIVE from the Camino 2018 Open House/Forum Meet-Up in Santiago - Call ahead please!

    No chance of that Sy. You will be bolting your doors to keep us out!

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