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  1. Galloglaigh

    Via Francigena credenzial

    This may be of use - from the London Confraternity.
  2. Galloglaigh

    GPS problems two days before departure

    Enjoy your trip. This thread is a reminder to check your tech thoroughly before setting out. I'm checking mine now.
  3. Galloglaigh

    Hire Car & Road Tolls ??

    The above is good advice. Local roads are slow and busy. Toll Roads are fast and empty. The difference when it comes to journey times is worth the extra.
  4. Galloglaigh

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2018?

    Found this sign outside Canterbury Cathedral in England. Apparently Rome is only 1800 km away so thought I'd give it a try. Gave up at the coast after 30km as I didn't fancy a swim. Will try again from the other side of the Channel.
  5. Galloglaigh

    Biarritz airport to Bayonne rail station

    Stop is just outside the Airport's main doors. You may need to ask the driver to indicate where to get off as the route may not pass the station which is across the river from the main town. You can't miss the river though.
  6. Galloglaigh

    Luggage lockers in SJPDP?

    Pour toute le monde?
  7. Galloglaigh

    Two pilgrims rescued in Napoleon Route

    If anyone knows how to make a donation to the SJPP/Roncevalles bombaderos, could they post a link. They can then buy they're own Macallan.
  8. Galloglaigh


    How many years ago was that? Must be twice the price now.
  9. Galloglaigh

    Two pilgrims rescued in Napoleon Route

    While there may be sympathy for that viewpoint, the key question is that did they know the pass was closed; did they check; and if they did, did they ignore the advice. Having spent a lot a my youth in the Scottish highlands, most people know how quickly the weather changes. So they would have...
  10. Galloglaigh

    What are the chances of me cycling the camino de santiago?

    Strange how the basics haven't changed in 8 years - fuel, water, comfort and preparation. Suppose you could add GPS and technical equipment as they might have changed in this time.
  11. Galloglaigh

    Bus ride to Logrono?

    There is a bus from Pamplona to Estella to Logrono via Los Arcos (http://laestellesa.com/themed/laestellesa/files/uploads/44/15/65/PAMPLONA-LOGRO-.pdf). At Logrono, you might also find it more useful to continue by bus to Bilbao rather than train as the bus is quicker - and the view better...
  12. Galloglaigh

    CSJ UK Practical Pilgrim days - March 2018

    Just a suggestion for those that can't make it. Video it and put and edited version on YouTube. Provide a link later. You might even be able to raise a small amount of money that way too.
  13. Galloglaigh

    Live - Camino Francés Weather - Don't believe every thing you read...

    Jakue is a great stop. Food is plentiful too.
  14. Galloglaigh

    Merino vs. Cashmere

    While I totally agree with the sentiment here, it might explain a comment made by an inhabitant of Pontevedra who left Pontevedra. He said that the prices there became so expensive he had to leave and the Camino was only for rich people. Something to think about - but I'd still have the cashmere.
  15. Galloglaigh

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2018?

    Vineyards and Churches - where else can you be but on a pilgrim route. This is the Pilgrims Way in South East England. It joined Winchester Cathedral with Canterbury Cathedral and then on to the Via Francigena to Rome. This is Denbies Wine Estate (www.denbies.co.uk) This is St Martha's...
  16. Galloglaigh

    Short amount of time cut roads out

    You could have a look at bicigrino.com/en/ Will be cycling from Logrono then switching to foot later on. Some rental companies appear to be able to send/retrieve bikes at most places on the route. Or you could just buy and donate.
  17. Galloglaigh

    Wainwrights Coast to Coast UK Compared to Camino Frances

    I'd second the comment about getting lost even with a map as there are few features on the middle section. A GPS is recommended and you can get GPS files from Wikiloc like this one https://www.wikiloc.com/mountain-biking-trails/workington-to-penrith-c2c-first-day-14841613 You'll see from the...
  18. Galloglaigh

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2018?

    I was going to post some pics of the North Downs Way but the Helvellyn ones are fantastic. A great walk in summer never mind winter.
  19. Galloglaigh

    Bike transport Switzerland

    Seems that SBB will take bikes [only] within Switzerland which means a stop at St Bernard Pass. From there it's a drop from 8,000 ft to 2,000 ft over 16 miles. Interesting ....


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