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accomodation vrs tent

Ferenji Nan

New Member
Hello; I want to start from Vezelay in late save weight I would rather not take a tent, but as I haven't much money, can't afford pricey hotels. So far I have no guide ( the CSJ handy guide which would tell albergues and em!... aren't out yet) Does anyone know about availability of 'albergues' and hostals along the way which are cheap and frequent enough? In '08 I did the Camino Frances from Roncesvalles to Santiago- no tent, self cooking, 6 kilo pack. It was superb! I expect to have to pay more in France, but it won't be possible for me if it is TOO much more... feedback welcomed.
Anyone else starting from Vezelay in April?
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Hallo Nan, hare are the places we stopped during our walk from Vezelay (via Bourges)
Refuge/gite about 10 euros cH/hotel about 30 half board
----Remember that's quite normal to call ahead to check availability of places and for keykeeper to meet you ----
Vezelay /Centre S.Madeleine, you can sleep in the dorm or take ,for a few euros more a room with two beds
Cuncy le varzy/Refuge,good,food supply,kitchen
Arbourse/refuge,excellent,food supply,kitchen
La charite sur Loire/refuge,very good ,limted kitchen
Bourges/Foyer st francois of the homeless,very good,dinner with the guests
Neuvy-Pailloux+2km /APD la tripterie/great mobilhome in a farm,food supply,kitchen,from here possible shortcut to avoid Chatouroux going to Le Poinconnet. At the end of Chatouroux forest follow the map NOT THE SIGNS ,that is to say turn RIGHT at the end to go to
Velles/Gite prive mme Acounte,very good,beds with sheets,half board 20 euros
Pechereau/refuge municipal ,fantastic,large kitchen
Crozant,hotel du lac nice but expensive (refuge was full,but sleep on floor) go to l'eclat du soleil
La souterraine /gite mr rowney,good,high class dinner,a bit expensive
Marsac/gite chez bernie,good
Les billanges /gite chez francoise,fair
Limoges/APD with Simone and Christian fantastic evening with former pilgrims,english spoken ?
Perigueux/APD palfreyman sent us to substitute (tuesday she's not available),could be better
ST Astier/mobile home in local camping,very good,kitchen
Mussidan/refuge municipal,good,limited kitchen
Port st foy/refuge in old presbitere,very good,kitchen
St Ferme/Refuge with hospitaleros,good ,half board
St hilare de la noaille/fantastic gite with great couple ,great half board,don't miss
Bazas / great apd with fantastic couple mr and mrs Torres friends of the Chemin. Call mme Barran
Le Bollion/gite with old couple -no dinner,bring your food-,good
Rochefort/refuge ,very good,limited kitchen
Montmarsan/refuge,very good,kitchen
St Server /refuge,only 4 places,good,no kitchen
Hagetmau/CH mme Bats, very good,no dinner
Orthez/refuge in old tower,very good,kitchen
Sauveterre de bearn/ch mme trouilh,very good half board

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