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LIVE from the Camino After Olleros de Tera


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After Olleros de Tera at one point you will come to a crossing where there are two arrows. One pointing to the road and one pointing straight on into the greenery. If you have the Via de la Plata Guide app then the camino route will show as the one that goes off into the greenery and on the road under the road arrow there will be "bicicleta" written.

Warning. Unless you are ready to walk on an overgrown barely 20-30cm wide forest path with spider webs in your face and some very steep and very muddy ascent and descent where the path takes you all the way down to the river that is currently occupying some parts of the route (aka flooded) and then makes you climb back up to the road (with some false routes going god knows where), I would suggest taking the road.
I attached the part (I just got back onto the road when I took this screenshot) and also the last ascent to the road.


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Hello Miaka,
I still remember this section quite well when I walked the VdP and Sanabres in 2018. At first, I was also annoyed that I did not choose the "Bicicleta" variant. But with increasing duration, I found it more and more beautiful. It had something adventurous. Yes, it was exhausting. You had to be constantly careful that no branches hit you in the face, that you did not stumble over roots or sink into a mud hole. In the end, I found it a great nature experience. For my part, I was glad that I didn’t miss it.
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Well done Miaka for finding that final part of the trail - I had completely lost it at the end and just had to bush bash my way up to the road three weeks ago - I quite enjoyed the walk and was glad my Wikiloc alert had stopped me going along the road but it was before the heavy rain - I can imagine that it would have been a muddy mess this week. It was very overgrown though, very little of it was a clear path at the end. Hopefully once it dries up a bit and a few more pilgrims have walked by it will be a bit easier to navigate.
The trail itself was okay, but because of the mud I couldn't enjoy the walk at all. I constantly had to pay attention so I wouldn't slip and hurt myself. I imagine once the season really starts up and it dries up it will be pretty, but currently with the river flooding parts of it and having to climb up a steep hill (almost 90 degrees) when it is slippery and muddy was not fun. I was praying the whole time that I wouldn't slip and faceplant.
@Miaka, you’re right, muddy, steep and slippery are a pretty nasty combination. Glad you navigated it successfully without falling.
I hope today’s trail is more enjoyable!
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