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  1. LavanyaLea

    Alternative route from Ferreira to Sobrado dos Monxes (Route Review)

    After following the sub-thread Camino Verde with great interest, I decided that the detour to Sobrado dos Monxes was worth it for visiting the monastery itself as well as avoiding the crowd from Camino Frances. We did it only in May this year and combination of heat+tarmac+crowd didn’t bode well...
  2. O

    Help from those experienced with a donkey

    I am wondering if you might be able to help me. I wish to travel el Camino with my 21 year old daughter with Down syndrome who would be more inclined to trek with a donkey to sometimes ride as well as alternately simply bearing her pack. Can you tell me if it is possible to hire a donkey...
  3. mark connolly

    Sheep take over Madrid's streets as they head for winter pastures
  4. akmcewan

    Squirrels and Pigs

    Just finished my third Camino: the Primitivo. Quite busy there into early October, but nothing compared to the huge numbers from the junction at Melide on in to Santiago! I can understand the abundance of pilgrims given the circumstances, but dos preguntas: With all the nuts everywhere (acorns...
  5. LavanyaLea

    Amazing night at municipal albergue in Borres

    Hi guys, So, I have been dreading the stage coming into Borres, because travelling with Fuji, the only place that accepts a dog is the municipal albergue in Borres. The nearest places before was 28-30km before (in La Espina, Bodenaya, and Fontenonaya) and 30km after in La Mesa. I was worried...
  6. pepi

    Leaving SdC back to Pamplona with my dog

    I am currently in SdC and am looking for the best way to return to Pamplona with my dog. Alsa will not take us, Any suggestions, ideas?
  7. JetB

    Taking a dog on Camino

    I intend to walk with my dog. I’m just wondering if anyone here has done that or might have input on things I need to consider… which I might have already considered… or not? I don’t want opinions unless you can give reasons to back them up. It’s just not helpful. So if you have experience...
  8. DearKat

    Dog decisions on Norte

    Hey folks, Looking to hear from Pawrents who have done Camino with a dog. I looked for a dog topic thread this is close as I can find? We've staged to Bilbao on Norte from St Jean de Luz. As I was told before it was extremely difficult on this route both terrain, length, elevation and...
  9. peregrina2000

    Needing a livestock refresher course

    I have had numerous encounters with livestock on caminos over the years. I don’t enjoy it, but I have more or less gotten used to it and have usually been able to forge ahead. But I have on occasion scrambled up sharp brambly hills or walked quickly through ankle-high mud to avoid them. One of...
  10. S

    Dogs on the Camino

    Is it bad the Camino del norte is making me dislike dogs? Friendly dogs so far, 0, dogs that bark all the time or chase me down the street, 6. And I'm only on day 2 😅🤣 of course I know they are just doing their jobs, but it's still not great and being chased down the street is a no no, your dog...
  11. NikkiOTW

    Walking some of the Portugese Way with my Service Dog!

    I will be spending 5-7 days walking the Camino in mid September. My service dog will be traveling with me, she hikes quite a bit in the states and I don't have any concerns with her physical abilities but want to make sure I plan accomodations properly on her behalf. I could sleep anywhere :-)...
  12. LavanyaLea

    Fuji’s (first) Camino (Camino with a dog)

    Hi everyone!!! Just a quick post here about our experience walking the Camino with my fur baby Fuji. Still travelling (another 12h drive day today), so full write up will come bit by bit over the next few days. While preparing for this trip, I have often found that forum members who posted the...
  13. MacMac

    Walking the Camino with a dog - Experiences?

    I am looking for pilgrims who have walked the Camino Frances with their dog. I have walked the Camino from StJPdP to Santiago and Finisterre 4 times and know the way very well. Next time am thinking of taking my dog with me, because I can’t leave him at home. He is a Labrador, very friendly...
  14. Sparrow in Texas

    Basque shepherd dogs

    In 2016 as I was walking down the mountain from Roncesvalles a scruffy tan dog Zoomed by me, followed later by the owner who told me that the dog was his Basque shepherd dog going for its daily two hour run in the mountains! I was so excited to see the dog run by! Those dogs are working...
  15. P

    Maremma sheep dogs on VF

    I am planning on walking from Rome to Santiago. I have encountered loads on dogs in Italy walking to Rome (VF to Lucca then Way of St Francis) and even more walking from Rome to Monte Sant'Angelo. Throughout the day small groups running out of remote farms and houses barking at me. I dont...
  16. Marcia Shaver

    Horses on the Napoleon Route

    A few weeks ago someone asked if we saw horses our first day out of St. Jean Pied de Port. I said that I told one of the pregnant Mares that she was beautiful, and she came over to talk to me, then followed me! It was such a great experience. I found the photos, so I thought you might enjoy...
  17. nycwalking

    Solo Vía de la Plata

    Hello everyone, Is it safe to walk Via de la Plata as a solo woman? Except for first camino with mom all subsequent ones have been solo. But those treks were on Frances and one Camino Sanabres Ourense to Santiago. Lots of infrastructure with many pilgrims. I am doing a virtual camino on VdlP...
  18. F

    This is kind of "Live from the Camino" but it's not me... interesting story

    Perhaps this falls under "Can I walk the camino with my dog/donkey/cat...?"
  19. D

    How to get a Donkey

    Hi, I am a travel writer from Korea, and me and fellow travel writer are planning to go through El Camino from SJPDP - Santiago de Compostela this september with a Donkey. We got interested in donkeys by visiting a local donkey farm and after we tried walking several days with him, we decided to...
  20. J

    Dangerous dog before Triacastela

    Please be careful walking through small hamlet before Tricastela. Just before Ramil. Walking through Monday morning on my own. 2 chained dogs barking aggressively and 3rd off chain ran towards me barking. Wasn't sure wether to run or what! It bite me on top of thigh but luckily then stopped...

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