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dogs & other animals

  1. J


    Hi All, I just saw on google news that the brown bear is on a major come back. It said the northern part of Spain . Be careful
  2. RodlaRob

    How to address an Advancing Dog ..in Español please!!

    I'm soon to do a combo of Caminos starting in Sevilla. & have noticed safety issues with unrestrained dogs in several areas. Now in English, my first approach to an advancing dog is to try & gain acceptance with some nicely worded "good boy or good girl" tactics if I can determine the sex quick...
  3. dick bird

    New law affecting dog ownership in Spain

    https://www.surinenglish.com/spain/these-are-the-most-important-changes-that-20230822143759-nt.html So far as I know, this has not been mentioned on the forum. I was actually researching laws affecting service dogs in Spain when I came across this, it is an English language article (for expats...
  4. N

    How to rent a horse or donkey

    Does anyone know of a company that rents out horses or donkeys for the route from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela?
  5. Who did you take with you?

    Who did you take with you?

    I traveled with the collars of Flora and Cassie, my two dogs, on my back-pack. Both who were by my side spiritually throughout, and indeed it was after I lost Flora that I had to do something otherwise just get swallowed up by the grief - that something was the Camino - our Camino.
  6. davejsy

    Camino Wildlife (excluding escaped circus animals)

    So as not to clog up other threads thought it would be good to start a new thread. What stories do people have about wildlife they have seen on their Camino's? Or other general wildlife-related Camino stories? Or maybe even wildlife-related Camino folklore? As mentioned on another thread, some...
  7. peregrina2000

    Dog attack after Pobra de Brollón, July 2023

    I have received a PM from a forum member who has passed along information about a new (at least for the forum) dog incident on the Invierno. As a bit of background, you may remember that there have been some reports over the years about loose and threatening dogs on the Invierno. The two that...
  8. Teddie

    Camino Devil Dog Deterrent

    My original post was "Dog from Hell" ( having had some negativity on the thread name ), I have concluded a long arduous Camino Primitivo early November and am feeling some remise not updating my findings concerning a 'dog deterrent device'. Although my understanding and love for dogs runs long...
  9. Angela Leon

    Camino at the beginning of Spring 2024 from the UK with my dog.

    Hello, I need advice on my plan, I am planning to do the Camino with my dog, at this time she will be 18 months old. I am planning to take the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander, walk Camino del Norte until Ribadeo and link with Camino Primitivo. I am taking my tent with me, as I love camping...
  10. D

    They still ride horses, don't they?

    Ok, so I'm in trouble now... I paid FindPenguins to make a book out of my "proof of life" posts to my husband during my Camino Primitivo, and was showing it to my brother-in-law, his wife, and their teenage daughter before Thanksgiving dinner. (BTW, shameless plug for FindPenguins - great...
  11. longears

    Olvidado with mule via Pamplona - sections to avoid

    I'm planning to cross into Spain next year via the Podiensis. Would be very grateful for some initial advice please for Spain. I've done quite a bit of long distance riding (and mountaineering and walking) but this time am walking with my mule. I really like the look of the Olvidado for the...
  12. David Tallan

    Unusual animal companions

    I've heard of people walking with donkeys, and I've heard of people walking with dogs. But this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone undertaking a Camino with... a chicken?! Has anyone come across any other unusual animal companions?
  13. arturo garcia

    Mosquito with same size of a Pterodactylus! Don´t Kill it!

    If you got to see on the way or in your albergue dorm room a huge mosquito with very long legs, Don't Kill it! It´s called TIBULA! , They don't bite and neither take blood from you, like regular mosquitoes! Let them live, nature need them alive to keep life balance!
  14. Teddie

    Dog from Hell ?

    I begin Camino Primitivo with variant Oct 13. I understand dogs, and most seem to warm up to me, even shy. Also I understand that some dogs through training, breed, or just evil, are aggressive. 1. some owners train dogs to guard and attack 2. some breeds of herding dogs bite first...
  15. Bradypus

    New albergue with stables to open in Piñor

    A new public albergue is to open soon in Piñor. An unusual feature is that it will have a stable block to accommodate five horses. A lot of work has been done recently to make the Sanabres accessible for those wishing to make a pilgrimage by horse...
  16. William Garza

    Cats on the Camino

    Was walking a local park trail and there were many cats...many cats that i needed to pet. If there are Cats on the Camino then it may take a while to complete... One cannot simply pass by a cat and not pssp pssp and pet it. Carry on!
  17. Tinkelbel

    Is the Coastal Camino Route Safer from Aggressive Dogs?

    Hi there, I started my camino in Santarém last week and was planning on walking the central route. I did not take into account though, that on this part you walk all by yourself and that the watch dogs can get quite aggressive when you pass by. This started to get a bit too much for me...
  18. S

    Name of Dog at Oseira?

    As our family is approaching another camino, I'd like to ask if anyone is aware of the name of the black dog that hangs out in the monastery in Oseira along the camino Sanabres. My brother surmised that it may be a Spanish mastiff as it is quite large. This dog did us a great service by guiding...
  19. 20230714_084558.jpg


    Friends along the way.
  20. DoughnutANZ

    Dog attack in Manjarin (humour)

    This halfcrazed dog was attacking my good side in Manjarin, aggressively using his puppy dog eyes to try to get me to give him a piece of my hard won, home made, Lemon and Yoghurt cake that I purchased from the lovely lady in the Manjarin café, along with a hand squeezed orange juice. I was...

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