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Joining two routes?


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Hello. Has anyone ever started at Madrid (on the Madrid to Sahagun extension) turned off at Medina de Rioseco (just north of Valladoid), gone to Tabara (on the C612) linking up with the Camino Mozarabe and then continued on to Santiago? I make it about 690K in total and it seems to me preferable to going to Sahagun for those who have already walked the Camino Frances. John.
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Hello Johnboy, now that was an interesting suggestion! I had a look on Michelin and there seems to be very few villages along the C612. You also would have to consider 55 km on asphalt. There seems to be one village along the route, a few km south of the C612. It should be mentioned that the Meseta north of Medina de Rioseco is like being in an ocean, with the villages like small islands.
The really big advantage is that you come on to the "Plata". The disadvantage is that you don't get to see the last few villages/castles on the "Madrid" and you won't meet Rebecca Scott at her refugio just outside Sahagun. May I suggest you walk to Sahagun, then to Leon on the Frances. (3 days) From Leon you can take the Camino Salvador to Oviedo (4 days) and from Oviedo the Camino Primitivo to Arzua and Santiago. (12 days)


This is just a shot in the dark reply, so it might be totally impractical. However, I couldn't help notice that the Camino de Levante (which starts in Valencia and hits the Plata) passes south of Madrid. So, with a bit of research, you might just be able to head south and hit the Levante. On the Plata, if you go via Ourense, you don't repeat any of the Frances. I checked out the Levante because I thought that it would be a pretty cool trip to start in Valencia and end up in Finnesterre.

Update: I found out more about the Levante and it passes through Toledo. I am not sure how one could go about getting from Madrid to Toledo on foot. However, Toledo might make an alternative starting point is you wanted to start near Madrid, but not repeat part of the Frances.

Javier Martin

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peregrina nicole said:
... I am not sure how one could go about getting from Madrid to Toledo on foot. However....

On foot? Really difficult. I wouldn't try it. Very difficult to cross all roads and motorways to go out from Madrid in that direction. Lots of big cities around Madrid in that part.

From Toledo the Camino del Sureste (the one from Alicante) (more historical than the Camino del Levante) goes to Avila. If you want to join this Camino may be the best option is to begin in Madrid to Segovia and, from there, to look for the best option to Arevalo or Avila. But, no arrows, you will have to find your own way. But much easier than the one from Madrid to Toledo.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.



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