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I saw under the Camino Etiquette topic the comments about snorers. In defense of snorers (unfortunately I am one) it is not something that we do on purpose like choosing to turn the lights on in a room full of sleeping people, getting up at the crack of dawn and rattling around with all those bags or talking loudly when other people are trying to sleep. I know it is annoying and if we could stop we certainly would (believe me I have tried every remedy) but I found that earplugs kept me from hearing other snorers so that seems like that would be a simple answer to the problem. You can't imagine how frustrating it is for snorers who care. My sister and I would walk all day like everyone else and then when we got to an albergue we would beg to be able to drag our mattress to the kitchen or any place else so we could sleep on the floor away from other people. If we were successful and they agreed that we could do that then we had to wait until everyone had gone to bed before we could put our beds down and then we would be awakened by the very early risers every morning. We tried staying in hostals and casa rurals when we found out that it was a problem until we saw that we were going to run out of money since we hadn't budgeted for that. I only found two places that had a special room for snorers. We hated having to sleep in a room full of people knowing that in the morning everyone was going to hate us because we kept them awake at night and of course they would keep us awake also by shaking the bed etc. We did manage to find several albergues where they had rooms for two people and would always choose that when it was possible. So I am thinking that maybe there are more places where we didn't stop that other people might know about. We would like to do the camino again but I must say that the thought of struggling every night to find a place where we can sleep is the only thing that is making us hesitate. We had talked about carrying a tent but I don't know if I could handle the extra weight and what we would do about showers. So, if people know of albergues that have a room for snorers or small rooms for 2 or 3 people maybe you could list them and we could plan to stop at those places when it was possible.
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I developed a severe case of sinus last year and spent several weeks where I know I was snoring. But finding an alternative to the booked-hostel in Rome over Easter was simply not an option. If people choose to stay in dormitory style accommodation, they just sometimes have to accept that nights might be noisy.

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