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albergue life

  1. K

    Shower/bathroom etiquette in the albergues?

    Could I ask what may be naive question. This will be my 1st Camino and I will be mostly staying in alberques. Could you please explain the bathroom/shower etiquette to me? I have no idea what to expect. Since it is often mixed dorm rooms, do people dress in the bathrooms or do the regular...
  2. L

    Booking Ahead in June to July

    Hi All! I am planning to walk the Camino Frances in June and July 2024. Due to schedule restrictions I have to start mid-June and will finish up end of July. I am planning to arrive in Santiago before July 25 to beat the crowds of people who might be coming for Saint James day, however with my...
  3. ShellToucher

    Spanish Induction Stove Tops...Alien Tech? or How to operate controls?

    The title is a joke, I really appreciate whenever I have the opportunity to cook while on the camino, for just myself or a group...but oh lordy, those digital stove tops hurt my brain! Can anyone recommend a good how to vid or other form of instruction? We don't have anything (I have ever seen)...
  4. sprinto

    albergue queuing

    Is it still the done thing that if you arrive early at an albergue you can leave your rucksack at the door to save your place in the queue if the albergue is not yet open ?
  5. M

    For Sale/Wanted Buy your own albergue

    Did you always wanted to have your own albergue on the Camino Frances and do you want to start in 2024? Our beautiful albergue in Villares de Orbigo between Leon and Astorga is for sale and we organize an open house from January 22 to 24th. Interested? +31653153718...

    Those BRIGHT motion activated lights, or how to pee in 5 seconds

    In Spain I learned to hate motion- sensor lights. You know, the BRIGHT ones the are triggered the second you open the door making it impossible to leave the dorm in the middle of the night without annoying everyone in the room? Or how about the ones in toilet stalls that turn off after 5 seconds...
  7. T

    Last night I learned I snore...

    So I just crossed the midway point on the CF, and last night I learned I snored. Well I knew I did sometimes, but had no idea how often or how loudly. Sleep apps have recorded some, but only in short bursts every few hours. But last night I can only assume that I was snoring like a chainsaw...
  8. Alister M

    Crinkly Plastic Bags

    A pet peeve, particularly as a regular Camino walker who starts early and goes to bed early. Increasingly, walkers are packing their gear in crinkly plastic bags and both packing their bags late in the evening or early in the morning, disturbing others in dorms. This is a plea for walkers to use...
  9. WayWalker

    Heads Up on Shoes Taken From Gite

    Currently on the Via Podiensis and my husband's Merrill Moabs with expensive orthotics were exchanged for a half size smaller, different color and worn pair (as in falling apart) at the gite we stayed in last night. Please mark your boots or shoes in some way, maybe a big X on the heel part or...
  10. C

    Laundry in Roncesvalles

    Hi, I’ll be staying at La Posada for the night, and I understand that I can do my laundry at the main albergue. Does anyone know if the laundry services in the albergue is self-service? And what would be the closing time for laundry to be done? Thanks
  11. davejsy

    Storage in Refugios/Albergues

    Hello all, I'm just wondering where you leave your backpack in the Refugios? Is there secure storage, or is it safe to just leave them on bed?! Maybe a stupid question, but I do live in Jersey where most people don't bother locking front doors🤣. I've never seen this mentioned in the books...
  12. M

    Accommodation along the Camino

    Hello all, We are new to the Camino adventure and haven't been able to find out if one MUST book accommodations in advance. No one we know have done it before. We are planning to start it from Pamplona and just don't know how. Thanks in advance. MishaKaro
  13. Crosbie

    Bathroom/Shower/Toilet facilities in Albergues/Dorms

    I am somewhat familiar with showers & loos in French camp sites, but am curious as to the nature of them in albergues. On some French campsites, the toilets (in the respective M/F block thereof) not only don't have any toilet paper, but also don't have any seats - it's just a porcelain rim, and...
  14. Luka

    Equipment kitchen xunta albergues

    I'll start walking the Camino Sanabrés next week and I am tweaking my equipment at the moment. I read that xunta albergues all have kitchens, but without cooking utensils. Because I am vegetarian, I would prefer to cook when possible. So I am doubting to bring a very small and lightweight...
  15. JustJack

    Albergue idea - group snorers together, away from non-snorers

    I would have loved to come across an albergue that grouped pilgrims according to their whether or not they snore. Snorers all go in one room, non-snorers in another. What's wrong with this idea?
  16. M

    For Sale/Wanted Albergue for sale

    After three great years we are going to sell our beautiful pilgrim albergue in Villares de Orbigo. The albergue has excellent turnover figures and is sold with all necessary real estate such as furniture, beds, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. All equipment is almost new. The albergue has 24...
  17. hieudovan

    Mid 70 Male & Potential Issues

    I have walked a couple of Caminos in my 60s. I am now in my mid 70s. I am concerned about 2 potential issues. I get up 2x a night to use the bathroom. Might this disturb other pilgrims in the albergues/gites? Secondly, would the decrease in sleep be an issue for my walking distances? I would...
  18. camster

    Are you always allowed to handwash your clothes?

    Funny question, but I was looking at services and accommodations of various albergues and some of them do not have the facilities or option for handwashing. Does it mean you have to manage in some way to handwash, without their facilities being equipped for it, or you absolutely have to use the...
  19. Hannamm

    Booking ahead?

    I’m planning on walking the French route starting in a few days and I’m wondering I need to book accommodations ahead of if I’ll be able to walk into town and get something each night? Also wondering where to get the camino passport. Any info is appreciated!!
  20. A

    Albergues advice in general?

    Hello! I'm new to the Camino and to solo traveling as a whole and have some questions. I'd love to "let the Camino provide" but would like to understand a litte more about albergues/hostels in general. 1.) What time do they typically open? How early should you get there? 2.) I've seen pictures...

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