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albergue life

  1. VintageElsa1967

    Donation Box

    I read about hiking and have read in several books about Donation boxes that Hikers leave items they don't feel they need for others who may need it, to lighten their load. People leave clothing, books, camp gear, extra shoes, etc. Is there such a thing for the Camino Frances? Is there a forum...
  2. domigee

    Windows shut

    I recently read (but cannot find the thread any more) that some of you thought the French were notorious for insisting on closed windows at night. I am French. And one of my biggest bugbears sleeping in albergues was not the snoring, the lights on at 5 am, the plastic bags.... It was this...
  3. Tips on Camino Accommodation with Jenny

    Tips on Camino Accommodation with Jenny

    There are many different types of accommodation available on the Camino Routes. Jenny shares her experience as a Pilgrim and a Hospitelera.
  4. SF-Pilgrim

    Sleeping in a dorm room where there's someone with a CPAP

    Hi, I'm specifically posted this here in a general forum and not the medical forum because I'm hoping for responses from folks who have spent the night in a albergue dorm with someone who's using a CPAP machine in the same room. I have sleep apnea, so travel with a CPAP. I'm wondering how...
  5. E

    Albergue with no Electricity

    I walked the Camino Frances last year and I recall passing a small Albergue, which I think was hosted by Italian monks (I could be wrong). I think it had no electricity and was lit by candles. Not sure what they did about hot water though! Does anybody know where this is and have you stayed...
  6. David

    Camping Compiling a list of refugios that accept tents

    Hi all - as it looks like tenting or sleep matting - in a legal way - is a possible future for some pilgrims I thought we could compile a list of refugios that accept or even welcome tents. I can think of a few - perhaps when we have as many as we can we could make a sequential list? so - here...
  7. Donativo (Donation) Culture on the Camino Under Threat? with Rebekah Scott

    Donativo (Donation) Culture on the Camino Under Threat? with Rebekah Scott

    A great chat with Rebekah Scott about the Camino culture and the 'traditional' Donativo or Donation means of providing support to Pilgrims. Is it under threat?
  8. B

    Camino with a cpap machine

    Does anyone have experience walking the camino (CP/EV) with a cpap machine. This is our first camino. We will be mixing up our accommodation with hotel and alburges along the way. Just wanted to know about the plug situation in the albergues. We usually bring an extension cord when we...
  9. LorneB

    CPAP Machines and Albergues

    Hi, there. I know this topic has shown up in some threads, but as most of the comments I've seen seem to come from other CPAP users, I'd be interested in hearing from those who aren't. Most likely, I'll get a range of responses, but I'm curious to hear from those who would care to indulge the...
  10. S

    Any chances to volunteer at albergues?

    Hello I am from Korea And I have done this about 10 years ago. I met a lot of people from all around the world and had the greatest experience. I would like to come back in this year. If it is possible, I wanna do volunteering at ablegues. I have an experience in housekeeping And I do have a...
  11. Michio

    Is it possible to pay for a meal at an albergue you're not staying at?

    Being a vegetarian I like to plan ahead a little bit where my next meal is concerned. I notice that Albergue El Palo de Avellano in Zubiri is meant to do a nice vegetarian pilgrim's meal but I've booked a room in a different albergue for the night that doesn't do evening meals. Do albergues only...
  12. williamlittig


    Why are there no soap dishes in Spanish showers?
  13. jsalt

    When did a Refugio become an Albergue?

    Just curious, but interested to know. On my first camino (2012) they were all known as “albergues”, but I often read books, articles, etc, published before 2012 that refer to them as “refugios”. When, why, and how did “refugios” become “albergues”?
  14. Daniel Beaumont

    Let's Start A Pilgrim's Albergue in Santiago de Compostela!

    Hey everyone, My name’s Dan - i’m originally from Britain but currently live in Bucharest, Romania. Like many of you, I’m deeply passionate about the Camino and for the last 4 years I’ve walked a different route, and next month I’ll be heading back to Spain for my 5th Camino - the Via de la...
  15. cozumel

    Being alone in the albergues?

    Hi everyone, this is my 1st post although I've been reading the forum since November 2018! I haven't found any answer to a question I've been asking myself for a few days now: I'm walking the Madrid camino in April this year, and all the info I've seen is about how lonely this camino is. I'm not...
  16. SF-Pilgrim

    Travel CPAP Machines 2019

    Hi I'm getting ready for my next Camino. I'd like to get a travel CPAP Machine. There are a few popular travel models out currently. Does anyone have any experience with these units? Do you have any recommendations keeping in mind it's being used on the Camino? Right now I'm looking at the...
  17. Brianmcauley

    Albergue help

    Hi all I am planning my first camino frances starting April 2nd saint jean' I have done fair bit of research but have a question about accommodation. I know about the different types of albergues and for example an albergue listed on the village to village guide might be advertised as a...
  18. Kevin considine

    LIVE from the Camino Ode to the Hospitaleros

    Ode To The Hospitaleros: Yesterday I walked into Estella around 11:15 grateful that an early start got me there before the blistering 35C (95F) of the afternoon. I was winging it on where to stay and the Municipal Albergue was in a great location but it did not open until 12. I noticed my...
  19. D

    First night in Porto albergue?

    Hello, we are arriving in Porto 9. 8. later that day and will have to stay the first night in Porto. I want to ask if we can stay for that first night in some albergue or it is allowed only after we travel some distance on our journey? Thanks for any advice. Have a nice day
  20. Lirsy

    Services provided by hospitaleros

    Hi! I am right now in an albergue as hospitalero. It really surprise me how few pilgrims use the services that the hospitaleros can provide. In my opinion, it is a little shocking that almost no any pilgrim ask about which are the difficulties in the next stages, wich could be the adventages...