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albergue life

  1. Theo59

    Prices of Albergues

    Hi I am studing and I am seeing prices in private Albrergues that are been followed by a " +" . For examble , 25+. Is this means that prices are depending from the season, number of staying days , number of group of pilgrims etc? thank you
  2. Consey78

    Albergue kitchens closed down

    I'm on my third camino and just arrived in Los Arcos on the CF. I'm really disappointed in the fact that most of the albergue kitchens have been closed down. The cooking hobs have been disconnected and only the microwave is available. Not even a kettle left to use. I understand it's probably an...
  3. tpatnode

    Albergues, what is provided.

    We are fast approaching our start at Ponferrada. We will likely stay in some hotels as well as Albergues. Other than a bed, what comes with staying in an Albergue? Linens? Bath Towels? Being first timers, we really don’t know. Is there an evening meal available at some Albergues? Thank you for...
  4. BrianLCrabtree

    helpful article on hand laundering

    From CNN. Feel free to ignore the product endorsements.
  5. kimberlyerind

    Roncesvalles during Good Friday

    Hi all, Long time dreamer, first time walker. I am in currently planning my first camino to start on April 14, 2022. I am staying the night at Albergue Borda and on to Roncesvalles on April 15, A.K.A. good friday. What I am trying to find is the time for the Good Friday Mass in Roncesvalles. I...
  6. F

    Two Days In One Village?

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims, I will be walking my second Camino from St Jean on April 22, 2022 (my 65th Birthday 😊). I am so excited to walk fewer miles each day, this time, and take it slow and easy. I can't seem to find an answer to my question in the forum or on-line anywhere. Is it ok to stay...
  7. ParistoCapeCod

    LIVE from the Camino We're open in Nájera !

    Open at the municipal in Nájera and ready to welcome you!
  8. J Willhaus

    Fire Safety in Albergues

    [Moderator note: With apologies to @J Willhaus for moving her post out of the thread she posted it in, I think the bit I’ve quoted below is a serious topic and merits some discussion.] If the hospitalero says the door will be locked and you want to leave earlier, choose a a hotel without set...
  9. JustJack

    Some basic questions about waking up etiquette

    Ok this is a very basic question, but in all the youtube videos and all the books and blogs I've seen, I don't think I've gotten the answer to this. - What is the etiquette in albergues regarding waking up early? Is setting an alarm on your phone ok? I would think that those still sleeping...
  10. Anniesantiago

    Laundry Prices

    For those who have already walked this season: What were the average prices for doing laundry in machines this year? Did the prices include detergent?
  11. JustJack

    How common are double bed bunks on the CF?

    I was watching a YouTube video yesterday, and for the first time I saw an albergues that had double bunkbeds. By that I mean both the top and bottom bunks were actually double beds, for two people. In other words, you would be sleeping next to and in the same bed as a stranger (assuming you're...
  12. KYPolloFrito

    Clothes dryer etiquette

    Is it OK to remove a pilgrims items from the dryer to the clean top of the dryer in their absence? I would really like to get started on drying my clothes. Thanks for any input
  13. F

    An alternative system for Albergues

    Hi everyone! When i walked the camino in the summer, I think I booked a place to stay maybe 15%-20% of the time. In the second half of it, I was walking with someone who booked pretty much for every night. Here's the thing. If no one booked ahead, there would be less panic to get there but I...
  14. David

    What to do and not to do in a Refugio/Albergue

    Hi all … I received Ivar’s pilgrimage update, the world is beginning to open up again .. as well as veterans going through their kit there are plenty of brand new pre-pilgrims planning, some confident, some rather nervous, so I thought I would start a ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’ thread...
  15. Patio Albergue Villares de Orbigo

    Patio Albergue Villares de Orbigo

    Patio Albergue Villares de Orbigo
  16. David

    That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint

    Hi - that refugio shower scramble; problems of privacy, queues, will there be enough hot water, what to do with your bags, etc ... the thing is, you don't have to do it. A daily bath or shower - sometimes twice daily - is a very modern habit, promoted by producers of bathroom products and...
  17. dick bird

    Self- catering - no utensils in Galicia

    In 2019, we discovered that all the cooking utensils had been removed from all the municipal albergues in Galicia. No-one seemed to know why. Could be cost-cutting or could be pressure from local businesses, who knows. I'd be interested to hear any explanations (one hospi told it was because...
  18. G

    CPAP machine and plug ins

    I'm reading the threads and don't see a definitive answer to my question. Do most Albergues have plug ins for a CPAP machine for me at night? What would be a reasonable length of extension cord needed to use for plugging me in at night. I can't sleep without it... and you wouldn't either with...
  19. Robo

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    OK, so I'm not really an Albergue person. At least not in the sense of communal sleeping and bathroom arrangements. :rolleyes: The Albergues I have stayed in were great, but I played chicken and had a private room. My main 'excuse' being I did not want to inflict my snoring on others. But as I...
  20. Emia

    Reservations in albergues municipal in 2021

    I wonder what it's going to be like in 2021, regarding post-covid 19. The albergues municipal usually don't take reservations, but maybe that will change in the holy year 2021? Just asking for smaller albergues like Veigadana and Portela (after Pontevedra).