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  1. A

    Albergues advice in general?

    Hello! I'm new to the Camino and to solo traveling as a whole and have some questions. I'd love to "let the Camino provide" but would like to understand a litte more about albergues/hostels in general. 1.) What time do they typically open? How early should you get there? 2.) I've seen pictures...
  2. J

    Privacy in the shower

    Hello all, I am leaving to Spain tomorrow; however, I come from a culture where privacy in the bathroom is highly appreciated and therefore would like to know whether the same traditions apply in Spain or I should not be surprised seeing groups of naked men sharing the showers such as other...
  3. EveE

    Nut & Gluten Allergies on the Camino

    Hi guys, I'm doing the Camino Frances in June 2023 and have anaphylaxis with nuts and coeliac disease (so I can't have gluten). How accommodating are the albergues at catering for allergies? I'm stressing because if I book through a company, they say they can organise food for me, but I'd...
  4. G

    Skipping Stops while walking the Portoguese backwards

    Hi all! I was planning on walking the Camino del Norte from the 10th of july to around the 17th of august. After that I wanted to meet up with my girlfriend on the 30th of August in Lisbon. This means, I’ll have around 12 or 13 (13!!!) days left after arriving in Santiago. I was thinking about...
  5. O

    Joining a communal meal in an albergue without spending the night there?

    I am a solo, first time pilgrim currently on the camino frances. I can appreciate the benefits of a single room for sleeping and privacy. I hate eating alone, though, especially in a restaurant. I'd rather skip a meal altogether. Would it be weird or impossible if I would ask a nearby albergue...
  6. H

    Laundry advice

    I have 1 item I would like advice on: 1. Laundry detergent--clothes are washed almost daily and for two people hiking 14 days, that will be approximately 26 separate sinks of clothes. I found a possible light weight solution. Has anyone had any experience with Travelon laundry soap sheets? They...
  7. neilhendrick

    Donativos: is there a list?

    I'm planning my second Camino for this summer. On my first Camino in 2019 I had the pleasure of staying in some Donativos, privately run albergues where things were a little different than the public albergues. I'd like to plan out some of my trip, and I'm pretty flexible about where I go. I am...
  8. Pelerina

    Gite timetable ... on Camino Le Puy

    Sometimes, there are questions on the forum about albergue/gite opening times, lights out, departure times etc. We were in Condom yesterday (Camino Le Puy) to visit Le Champ d'Etoiles, a gite that has a special place in our hearts. This sign with the various times made us smile. For those...
  9. R

    Albergue kitchens on the Norte

    Hi We will be starting the Norte from Bayonne on 22 April 2023. As in the past, we will be staying in albergues wherever possible but are wondering how many still provide kitchen facilities. Going back a number of years we saw that those in Galicia were closing down or restricting their...
  10. R

    Strategy on staying more than one night in a town

    I had heard/read that staying in the Albergues is limited to one night and then they kick everyone out early to get ready for the next day's guest? If so how best to arrange staying multiple nights in a place? - stay in the next Albergues in town - stay in a private hostel/hotel in those...
  11. H

    Makeshift privacy for lower bunks

    I saw 2 people recently post about also using towels to create a little privacy. I always bring 2 scarves that weigh almost nothing. Then if I'm on a lower bunk, I tuck one edge under the mattress next to the head end of the bunk, on both sides. This helps create a little bit of privacy, With...
  12. howardd5

    Being awakened in the dark ?

    I have heard and been been plagued by pilgrims who get up at five AM ( or earlier) rattle their plastic and scour the sleeping bunks with a head lamp and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Well it’s hard to control when you wake up , but how to limit the aggravation? I thought of perhaps...
  13. 1

    Wake up alarm

    Ok very curious..... What are you all doing to wake yourselves up early? Are you setting alarms which imagine could upset everyone around you, or is the accommodation providing wake up calls. Just wondering 🤔
  14. 1

    Unattended Pack

    Hi all. Curious to know what others do with their packs when they arrive at the accommodation each night. Appears alit of places dont have a secure locker. Seeing as alot of posts warn not to leave your stuff unattended, wonderful what you do if you want to look around the town after checkin...
  15. C

    Which albergues are open?

    I’m starting the Camino from Pamplona tomorrow. Any suggestions on the best way to tell if an Albergue is open? An app or website that’s up to date? I know many are closed until April and even some that the website Gronze mentions are year round or open in March are actually closed when I call...
  16. T

    Sleepwalking on the Camino

    Hello! I will be walking the Camino, for the first time this summer with my husband. We are doing the Camino Portugues from Porto. I am a sleep walker, it runs in the family (my mom and younger sister as well) and we have all done it our whole lives. It sometimes is made worse from being in an...
  17. Robo

    VdlP - Albergue Kitchens, Pots, Stoves & Microwaves....

    On my upcoming VdlP camino, I plan to mix up accommodation options and will stay in a few Albergues. I understand that in some remote locations, DIY meals may be the only option. So for those who have extensively used Albergues on the VdlP I would love to hear your views on: The proportion...
  18. LauraEmilia

    Equipment in the Albergues

    Hi, I'm gonna start my first Camino in March and now I'm wondering what to take with me... In Albergues, are there all the equipments for basic cooking and also the other stuff like dry spices, oil, washing-up liquid and so on? Or should I carry some of these with me... 🤔 Thank you very much...
  19. JustJack

    Communal dinner in SJPP somewhere that I'm not staying?

    I booked a bed at Gite Makila, but they don't offer dinner. As this will be day 0 for me, I wouldn't mind having some company for dinner. Do any of the gites allow people to join their communal dinner if they aren't staying there? Alternatively, are there some good options for casual places for...
  20. M

    Is there heat in the albergues?

    I did the CF in Sept/Oct 2019. I am doing the Portugues Central at end of March with a friend. She asked me if albergues have heat. I honestly don't remember on the CF, but my question now is specific to the Portugues. Like Comment Send

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