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Some nice old pictures from Vézelay *


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Pilgrimage is of all people, faiths, sferes and ages - for hunters, gatherers and smorgasbordians:

I found some good pictures of Vezelay but couldn't find an explanation of "la colline eternelle" on: (all capitals etcetera) video (good music)
The word eternelle was often mentioned but never explained so I hope somebody knows!

Lombardic architecture; its origin, development and derivatives (1910)
Author: Rivoira, G. T. (Giovanni Teresio), 1849-1919. Volumes 1 & 2 ... 01rivouoft - Volume 1 ... 02rivouoft - Volume 2 * [> 800 pics] or ... 01rivouoft - Volume 1 ... 02rivouoft - Volume 2 * [p120]
[You can tell by the well manicured hand on the V2 title page that they used the same copy!]

Also see the pictures on miscellaneous-about-santiago/topic3588.html#p19133



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