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Transport from Paris to SJDP


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Hi Everyone,
The days are passing so quickly, one day I'm so excited but the next day I'm filled with apprehension!!
I arrive at Charles De Gaulle airport at 7am on Sat Sept 12th. I need to get a train to Bayonne. How do I get to the train? Do I need to find my way into Paris? I would be very grateful for any information.
When I arrive into SJDP I intend staying at a Hotel for 3 nights to get over jetlag before setting off on "a journey of a lifetime" !! Has anyone a recommendation for a specific Hotel ? I saw mention of Hotel Ramuntcho--------------has anyone stayed there. If so, how do i contact them ? i think I have a phone number but I don't speak French. I have managed to book a night at Orisson for my first day of walking.
Many thanks for any help. This Forum is amazing for all the information.
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Hi, I don't think Ramuntcho has a website we booked a night over the phone. Hotel Ramuntchos phone is the area code for france, which for me is 0033, + 0559-373-517 (I always forget if you drop the 0 off 0559 when dialing from outside the country but one non-connect will tell you!)
It is a great little spot right in the thick of things and a nice treat to have it as your starting point as you are literally a step away from the rue de Citadelle your route out of SJPP. Try and get a room with a balcony, they looks out over the old city wall to the hills, nice spot to sit having a beer and watching people as they climb up to the ramparts.These rooms share the same aspect as the dining room which is lovely but if the menu is a bit up-market for you there is a very cheap and cheerful little restaurant just opposite the side door into the hotel on the rue de France as well as lots of others in the town of course.
You only need your name the number of nights,your arrival date plus the kind of room single/double with bath. Once you have figured that out it will serve you well not only in France, and if you don't (yet) have spanish, in Spain as well at least up to Burgos as French is widely understood on that part of the route.
Are you going to stay in hotels and pensions all the way? If not and you are traveling by yourself its great that you are staying in Orisson as you will have the opportunity to meet up with other pilgrims going over the next day and start forming your own 'pilgrim network' which is such a support and joy and an integral part of the Camino.
Say hello to La Vierge de Orisson for me and, if you have a bit of thread/ribbon/string, or any other little personal offering you can tie it on the statue or leave it at her feet with your prayers -some people find this a bit weird but it was a reassuring little ritual for me, and plenty of others from the look of it. Bonne Route


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For the train in Paris, you have two options. Catch one right at the airport (terminal 2TGV) or catch one downtown at Paris Montparnasse.
Neither one is the perfect option.
Search here: TGV http://www.tgv.com/EN/index_HD.html (for the airport train enter CDG2 as departure place and PARIS for Montparnasse. (look bottom left for English)
For Bayonne http://www.sncf.com/

At the airport: you have one train leaving at 16:37 hrs, getting into Bayonne around 22h00 hrs. Pro: Easy to catch, no need to mess around town. Con: Long wait at CDG and spend the night in Bayonne.

Montparnasse; you could catch a TGV leaving at 12h10 hrs, getting into Bayonne at 17h05, allowing you to transfer for St-Jean-PDP at 18h12. Pro: Shorter waiting, go to final destination de same day. Con: Make you way to Montparnasse. Option 1: the RER (train) to ''Saint Michel'' from the airport and then switching to the Subway for Montparnasse. Option 2: Easier but more expensive. Take an AirFrance bus from CDG to Montparnasse. Look here for details (ligne 4).

You're on your way. Have a safe trip.
You'll need to get to the Montparnasse or Austerlitz stations. There is an RER station in CDG itself that you can get tickets from. By the time you get through customs & get your bag, it will be about 9-9:30, then you have to travel to the train station somehow, so I wouldn't plan on getting a train that leaves in the morning.

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Year of past OR future Camino
Camino Francis (2009)
Camino Mozarabe, VDLP, Camino Sanabres (2012)
Porto to Santiago 2019
Hi All,
Many thanks for the help and info re train to Bayonne and Hotel in SJDP. I contacted Hotel Ramuntcho and they asked me to email. I hope I now have a booking!

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