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Tres cantos and Manzarenes albergues


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Hi Peregrina and anyone coming here;

This ajust rapid note to help you avoid an end of day problem.

The Alkbergue in Tres Cantos will only let you in at midnight, and you must be out by 7 am.
The alb is in the Ayuntamiento building and you have to get the attention of the policeman at the desk inside. It doubles a sa police office. I didnt know about this midnight thingy or I´d have planned differently.

Manzanares - as you come into town with a bridge on your right, you´ll see a sign directing pilgs to the ermita. Thinking it was in use, I went up the hill for about 2.5 kms to find it closed. The tar road gives out onto a dirt track. I went back to town and after a few false leads I found the place to get the key. I had nearly given up! Anyway find the main plaza and just near it find the CASA DEL PARROCO CURA. It closes at 18.30 I think. There you,ll get the key. BUT you,ll have to come back into town to drop off the key next morning, and then go back up to the ermita again to contnue the camino.

Sorry for the haste, as I think youre off soon. Weather brilliant, 30 degrees,flowers, scents absolutely wonderful. On the high bit between Colmenar and Manz the flowers should still be great when you pass. Lower down some stuff isfading.+

Anyway I´m off again to the ermita with some food -I,m a bit knackered. Oñly me in the alb it seems. So I can spread out a bit. But Ill be down in the morning and back again to continue......

Excuse the many typos

Buen camino
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Hi, caminando,
Thanks for the tips -- I'm planning to stay in Colmenar, not Tres Cantos, so I won't need to worry about the midnight entrance. That has got to be a Camino record for lateness of opening.

For Manzanares, that extra 5 km (down to town and back up) in the morning to turn in the key is kind of a negative, too. But the day to Cercedilla is short (19 km), so maybe it just turns a short day into an average day! Not sure whether I'll stay in the albergue in Manzanares, or stay in a hotel in Manzanares, or keep going on to Cercedilla, since that would be a 35 km day from Colmenar. Decisions, decisions, can't wait.

Buen camino, hope there are still some flowers in bloom when I get there in a week -- Laurie


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Hi Laurie

Now in Segovia. I thought I'd sleep out in the woods but continued. I was really tired in the heat but arrived in Segovia 18.00. I took a local bus No 8 from Aquaducto(sp.?)out to Zamarramala, I was so beat. The alb is in the old hermita, no electricity, water or toilets. You are given the key for servicios about 500 metres away. 2 Beds, some more mattresses. I like this place, and Cori, the hosp. is so nice and helpful. I had a day off today and will set out again tomorrow morning. I'm still tired today. It's age, you see!
More details later, after my camino.

On the walk, as you descend from Fuenfria (see a memorial plaque to the founder of this marvellous route) there is water at intervals all the way down to Fuente de la Reina. When the trail meets a tarred road which goes away down left,(dont take this), just after there is a trail junction with a tarred road, the flechas point in two directions. I took the left one,(the dirt trail) where there is a kilometre post and a sign. 100 metres after this, the trail has another junction, with no flechas. I took the left, bigger trail, until this was confirmed 500 metres further on at the fuente de Pastores.
It's hard to describe easily.

Later, when the forest stops, you meet another little tarred road after a big grassy field, but the direction panel is hidden behind a high heap of cut timber. Basically, keep descending. You can see Segovia far in the distance.

I dont want to overdo these tips, but the points I mention I wish I'd known about.

Have a great time on this wonderful Camino de Madrid.
I saw my first pilgs today. Two,ambling along as I intend to do........

Buen Camino

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