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Just a couple of quick questions:

1. the site is very good with detailed info ....,
but it never says(not I have seen this info @ any other site) which refugios are available for everyone and which are just for walking peregrinos ...

2. if I decide to walk the camino which is the best point to take the carne de peregrino in the Camino de Norte (we're landing in Bilbao) ???

3.If we want to sleep the walking peregrino`s refugios how the thing with the seals work ???

a lot
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Clearing out some books before my move to the new office in a few weeks.
Pilgrim Refuges

The John Breirley guide gives a good description of the different types of labergues - Municipal, Church, sponsored, private etc.
Generally, the municipal, church or sponsored refuges are meant to be for walking, cycling or pilgrims on horseback. Private albergues or Youth Hostels are open to anyone.
The pilgrim passport (credential) is a passport to getting beds in the pilgrim's refuges. It is stamped at each albergue but you can also get it stamped at hotels, cafe bars, museums, churches etc.
If you intend using transport between towns, rather book into an inn or pension that day and leave the beds to the walking pilgrims.
You can order a pilgrim passport before you leave for Spain from Mundicamino. You can either contact them directly or I could send you the application form. It is in Spanish but easy to understand.
They charge 3 Euro for local postage, 4 Euro for the rest of Europe and 10 Europe for the rest of the world.
You can either put the money into an envelope concealed in dark paper so that it can't be identified, or they will open an account for you to use electronic payment.
Why not bring this thread back to life after ten years...

I cannot load the Mundicamino website - anyone else having that problem or is it just me?

I was going to plan a 2017 Camino, but... nope

Why not bring this thread back to life after ten years...

I cannot load the Mundicamino website - anyone else having that problem or is it just me?

I was going to plan a 2017 Camino, but... nope

Hi,no problem here.
Wish you well and a Buen Camino, Peter ?
How to avoid failure "be prepared"
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Looks like there is a problem with their front-page. This link works on my browser (Google Chrome)

Yeah, right after Peter answered me I tried to "skip" the front page and follow some old link to the specific page (Camino) that I'm interested in, and it worked. It still throws me out from time to time though. Bad pilgrim = bad computer...

/Bad pilgrim

Most read last week in this forum

Hi all, I’ve walked the Francés twice and I’d love to have a go at Del Norte. I’m thinking of starting from Irun in the last week of September. Given that it’s the north of Spain, is this a bad...
I’m on the GR10 with one day to go to reach Irun. I underestimated how demanding and technical the GR10 is, especially between Saint-Etienne de Baigorry and Bidarray. It’s hand over hand rock...
Can someone share an itinerary for short (20km) stages on the Norte? Is it possible? Thank you.
Saw a poster today listing all the traditional Albergues on the Norte and Primitivo in 2023. Stuck a photo here...
Several websites have reported on plans recently approved to convert a large former water tank in Bilbao into a 60 bed albergue. A project for which 3.8 million euros have been allocated. The...
Anybody has a recommendation for an accommodation after Amandi but before Deva? Help

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