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Welcome to Spain!!

Welcome to Spain!!

Many new pilgrims worry about the official protocols and documents needed to crossed from France to Spain on the French Way. WELCOME TO SPAIN!! Make sure you don' t miss it!!
We crossed "the border" last August. Funny enough, we ended our day and I realized that I had no recollection of doing so, despite having read John Brierly's guidebook extensively, and remembering a cow grate being mentioned. I guess I was so busy waiting my turn at the fuente (numerous times) to gulp down and refill my water bottles in the heat, that I was oblivious to the fact that we had left France and entered Spain. No passport required!
Yeah, I was expecting a little more fanfare than this. However, it was very pleasant to just walk into Spain without feeling like you are suspect of some horrific crime. Maybe some enterprising pilgrim could put a sign on a post telling us unaware pilgrims that, yes indeed we are crossing into Spain now. :)
Thank you verry much for this picture which I forgot to take. I added this to "my first Camino"-files because I happened to pass there the same day/date.
For those who did not know that they were crossing the French/Spanish border....... A few meters further you will/can see the Navarra Camino Stone at the left side of the Camino. Unfortunately I do not know how to upload pictures to this comment directly from my laptop.;)
Heidi-- is a joke!! there is nobody at the border France-Spain on the French Way checking pasports. Many new pilgrims worry and ask about the "procedure".
Buen Camino Heidi! I am leaving in 2 weeks and even though have done sections of the Camino every year since 2011 (and the first one in 1997; Leon to Santiago) I am so nervous! Go figure! :)

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