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  1. agnesczaj

    Live Blog Starting Sept 19th, 2012

    I actually found a friend, Rosa, on your photo from Logrono. She was the first pilgrim I got to talk to on the Camino. Thank you!
  2. agnesczaj

    Where was this place? - and make sure you sniff it out!!!!

    I saw your question and this place came to my mind right away!! I felt the same way about it as you did!
  3. agnesczaj

    How many pilgrims on Mozárabe on may?

    Sandra, Did you walk the Mozarabe and then join Via de la Plata all the way to Santiago? How did it go for you? I'd like to walk the same route alone. Did you feel safe? Thanks, Agnes
  4. agnesczaj

    VdlP pics Oct/Nov 2010

    Thank you for this great inspiration. Beautiful photos. I walked Camino Frances in Fall 2012 and after returning home I knew this is just the beginning of a life-long journey. Via de la Plata is a next stage for me and I feel I am going to walk it this Fall.
  5. agnesczaj

    Picture Request - Steps at the Magna Plant

    Hey Dan, just curious when what day you started? This stage was important one for me on the Camino. I'm terribly afraid of darkness and decided to leave Zubiri when it was pitch black (2 hours before the sunrise) to walk alone and face my fear. I did, it was terrible and great simultaneously...
  6. agnesczaj

    Rollerblading Pilgrim Documentary

    I walked in September and October but haven't seen anything like that. There was someone else filming but as far as I know it didn't have anything with rollerblading! :D
  7. agnesczaj

    Aussie Mark's Photos of the Camino - Sept/Oct 2012.

    It worked today. Amazing photos. I feel like I have seen you on the Way. I started on September 14th of SJPP and finished in Finisterre on October 24th. :)
  8. agnesczaj

    Aussie Mark's Photos of the Camino - Sept/Oct 2012.

    Mark, the website link doesn't work. :(
  9. agnesczaj

    Best connection from Santo Domingo to Barcelona?

    Hi Everyone, I'm on the Camino now with a nice couple of people from Austria and one of them needs to get to Barcelona on Monday, September 24. We are in Logrono today and planning to get to Santo Domingo by the time he will have to go back. Can anyone recommend a connection or a website where...
  10. agnesczaj

    Leaving tomorrow for my first Camino

    I love the Camino and I met Ellen! :D Just arrived in Pamplona and staying at Casa Paderborn. It is so nice and quiet here. Not to mention hospitaleros are so welcoming!
  11. agnesczaj

    Leaving tomorrow for my first Camino

    I've been waiting for this moment so long. I've learned a lot here for the past 2 months. With butterflies in my stomach, I feel ready to face what the journey will bring. I'm ready to meet my fears as P. Coelho faced "the dog" in the Pilgrim. I'm leaving tomorrow from New York to Paris and...
  12. agnesczaj

    Mid September 2012

    I will be right behind you. Staying in Orisson 9/14. :mrgreen:
  13. agnesczaj

    Anyone stayed in Gite "Kayola" before Orisson?

    Thank you for the information! I ended up booking Orisson since the price includes two meals. :D
  14. agnesczaj

    Anyone stayed in Gite "Kayola" before Orisson?

    I already spent quite a bit on transportation and equipment (only what's needed) :? so would like to save on the accommodation. :wink: