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Recent content by Alison Chandler

  1. Alison Chandler

    Easter 2017 Sarria to Santiago

    Looks like I'm going to be walking Sarria to Santiago in the 2 weeks up to Easter next year. I walked it October 2015 and am looking for 2 pieces of information please, Forum. One is, is it much busier Easter than late October? The other is we are looking for inexpensive pensions/hotels (not...
  2. Alison Chandler

    Names of towns with loose dogs

    You have really given me a dilemma here! I keep responding to threads along the lines of "Remember its their country. On the other hand dog phobia and stories of Camino dogs stopped me going on Camino for 38 years until last October. Fear of dogs stops me walking lots of places at home...
  3. Alison Chandler

    What was the coolest thing you were ever gifted on the trail?

    The news that I have been remembered for 38 years for bringing happiness to Santiago - that news delivered, with a kiss, by the local boy who I loved for a summer then and hadn't seen since.... sent me spinning.
  4. Alison Chandler

    A Muslim walking the Camino?

    So here's what I think. I would love to meet and walk on the Camino with you (or another Moslem!). I don't think anyone has a right to object or make it uncomfortable for anyone else to go on Camino. I don't think Camino can be claimed by any religion. Humans walked these paths before St...
  5. Alison Chandler

    Scallop Shell

    Think Ill start a new thread .... (after dinner now! maybe tomorrow!)
  6. Alison Chandler

    Scallop Shell

    Loads of super stuff above. Just to add my version - I live by the sea here in Scotland. On my training walk I went to the next village down the coast and they had a crate of empty smelly scallop shells waiting to be taken out to sea by the next fishing boat and dumped. I took one in a bag and...
  7. Alison Chandler

    Spanish siesta

    go to a place and live as much as possible the way people who live there do ... the food is better, the company is better, the learning is better, the journey is better.
  8. Alison Chandler

    Spanish siesta

    Oh yeah. Lets make everywhere in the world the same for the convenience of travellers.
  9. Alison Chandler

    Learning Easy Spanish

    Also.... nothing in the world will help you with Basque but when you get to Galicia having a basic idea of Portuguese will help with Gallego.
  10. Alison Chandler

    Spending money/subsistence

    Yay! According to estimates from this thread, I have just won 2 days subsistence for this October's return on Camino - on the Grand National - horse named "I Ruled the World" (just liked the name!).
  11. Alison Chandler

    Learning Easy Spanish

    oh I know guys, I was over simplifying but its STILL easier than French or English!!!
  12. Alison Chandler

    Sounds of the Camino

    Love this idea and will try to do the same.
  13. Alison Chandler

    Sounds of the Camino

    I do like the music and appreciate the feeling but I have to say I disapprove of the attitude because I don't think a Spanish church is a place for a foreigner to go in and just decide to use it as a place for themselves to make music - I worry about pilgrimage that doesn't connect with the...
  14. Alison Chandler

    In 5 weeks I go back... looking again for the known, and unknown

    I love this. I was a student in Santiago in 1977 and for decades has a recurring dream of trying to get back, waking through the streets. 38 years passed till this last October when I did the Sarria stretch. I haven't really come back. Everyone says I am obsessed. I don't tell them they're...
  15. Alison Chandler

    Sounds of the Camino

    Presume you are doing the whole thing? In Galicia I recommend Luar na Lubre. Wonderful local Celtic music. In 1977 I went to the first concert of Gallego culture since the Civil War. At Ortigueira where there is now an annual Festival. Arriving in Santiago in October I found a music shop...