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    • Anik2001
      Anik2001 replied to the thread RIP @annakappa.
      Very sad news. May she rest in peace.
    • Anik2001
      Anik2001 reacted to David's post in the thread New mobile confession booths from Sarria with Haha Haha.
      Morning. There have been so many reports of bad behaviour from Sarria to the cathedral - pilgrims pushing in, stealing bunk places, being rude, etc ... that the diocese are introducing mobile confession booths in an attempt to bring some...
    • Anik2001
      Anik2001 reacted to KAD309's post in the thread Tattoo with Like Like.
      My daughter and I also got tattoos here. It was my first but not my daughter’s. I highly recommend as well.
    • Anik2001
      Anik2001 reacted to woody66's post in the thread Tattoo with Like Like.
      Used them twice would go again good service and proper discussion about what i wanted!
    • Anik2001
      Anik2001 reacted to Levi's post in the thread Tattoo with Like Like.
      I really like Sagrado Corazón in Rua Nova. I had a tattoo done there in October last year and prices started from 70 euros. I would definitely go back to them. (They speak English).
    • Anik2001
      Anik2001 reacted to peregrina2000's post in the thread Pilgrim passport in Canada? with Like Like.
      I’m not Canadian but I remember reading that the Canadian association will send you one. Try this link.
    • Anik2001
      Anik2001 reacted to Rebekah Scott's post in the thread 2023 HosVol albergue report with Like Like.
      When you consider the amount of coordination and labor that goes into that, your mind boggles. Hats off to Hosvol!
    • Anik2001
      Anik2001 reacted to J Willhaus's post in the thread 2023 HosVol albergue report with Like Like.
      We just got our newsletter this morning with a hospitalero report from 2023 from HosVol (one of the organizations we volunteer for that staffs albergues on various Caminos with volunteers). They covered volunteers for 22 albergues in 2023 and...
    • Anik2001
      This French video , part of the series Rebâtir Notre-Dame de Paris , details the raising of the new roof on Notre Dame Cathedral. The images are splendid.
    • Anik2001
      I've watched many videos about the Camino. This one in my opinion is excellent and worth a look. It's full of history I've not seen before and reminded me of why I walk the way. It takes us on a journey that goes way, way back in time to today. I...
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