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  1. bimblingalong

    The joys of an Autumn Mozárabe.

    Hi guys, planning to start from Malaga on 13th November. ..have downloaded above guide but would appreciate more specific details on accommodation from here to Cordoba... many thanks in advance..
  2. bimblingalong

    Camino Interior - Portugal

    Hi all, I am making final plans for my up coming walk...if training goes well I will be leaving Regua along the CP Interior on June 5 th...after 4 days sightseeing in Porto...checking out all your wonderful videos & useful info...it looks like there is a small Pension in Regua, any advice on...
  3. bimblingalong

    Accommodations on the Invierno - latter half of February?

    Hi Alan, not sure of timing as yet, family time in England will determine when..but I am ready, already!!;-)
  4. bimblingalong

    Accommodations on the Invierno - latter half of February?

    Hope you enjoy this beautiful way, I am hoping to walk it again in June if the Universe conspires with me...Buen Camino..:-)
  5. bimblingalong

    2016 Version of Invierno Guide now posted in Resources

    Thank you, thank you, thank you...everyone soooo much for the latest info....I am heading this Way again in June/July & will be using the latest guide ( of course making notes as I go...):-)...can't wait to walk along this peaceful path again..maybe I will meet some other walkers this time?
  6. bimblingalong

    Camino Invierno Video

    Lovely, lovely memories....thinking I will take this Way again this year if time permits....:)
  7. bimblingalong

    CP initial impressions post-walk

    Many thanks for the info....we will walk from Valenca to SdC starting around August 8th..am looking forward to the challenges of a new path:-)
  8. bimblingalong

    HELP! Someone has taken boots from Tui Albergue

    Did the same with mine, red laces for ease of identification ( & to make me go faster!! ;-)).....& tied 'em up when there were similar looking shoes around...
  9. bimblingalong

    Looking for an app or site to help me with the French bit

    Many thanks for the links falcon, still planning at this stage..
  10. bimblingalong

    My Camino de Invierno (July 2014)

    I will second that wholeheartedly.....probably the most enjoyable time walking for me, made especially magical because of the local contact & random acts of kindness that happened...I learnt a great deal on the Invierno & hope to walk it again this year....thank you SOOO much for the lovely post...
  11. bimblingalong


    Hi Margaret, where did you find seeds for the pimientos de padron?....I have 2 sweet pimentos plants waiting to go in!! Are you coming along to the WA meetup next week? Would be great to talk Tapas & all things Camino with you...:-)
  12. bimblingalong

    Need help from Penasillas to Alto de Faro to Rodeiro

    Hi there..unfortunately I had to "finish " in Chantada, due to the bruised knee ligaments complaining too much...I hope to return & walk the last part with my fella next year!!..managed, after much rest & a little revelry in SdC during fiesta to at least complete my Camino Muxia...sooooo happy...
  13. bimblingalong

    My Camino de Invierno (July 2014)

    Have sent my little notes across to Laurie, thanks for your updates & photos too...all good info ready for next year's walk!!;-)
  14. bimblingalong

    My Camino de Invierno (July 2014)

    Sorry to confuse with my post....I am studying Naturopathy & Asun's approach to healing with her combination of foods, medicine, homeopathic remedies, along with with the amazing Reiki session & our conversation based on Eastern medicine resonated with me & my study...all helped fix me up for my...
  15. bimblingalong

    My Camino de Invierno (July 2014)

    Wow!!!....reading both your posts has assured me of the oft quoted Camino mantra that when help is needed the way provides & provide it did in absolutely perfect timing...the route over the Hospitales on the Primitivo way took it's toll on me physically...bruised knee tendons etc...but the pure...

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