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    Comment by 'djkernes' in media 'may you know...where i am?'

    Looks like the hay fields on that long day that starts in Fromista and ends in Carrion de las Condes. I remember that day and my nap in the hay fields.
  2. djkernes

    sandals vs boots

    I walked from for 42 days last Sept./Oct. in sandals and was so glad I did. I started out with keens and then bought Tevas to replace them when they got a little worn. I never had blisters and just wore wool socks on the rainy days. When the rain stopped I just changed socks and was instantly...
  3. djkernes

    A few questions for our first camino...

    I am so excited for you. I did my first Camino last year leaving SJPdP on Sept. 13th. What an amazing journey. I would suggest staying at Orisson if you can get a room ahead of time. Not only will it make your first couple of day easier but sitting out on the deck at Orisson and watch the...
  4. djkernes

    How do people adjust to home after their return from the Camino?

    I walked my first Camino this past fall. 6 weeks in Sept. and Oct. from St. Jean to Finisterre. My life has taken a radical change since coming back. Finished a 36 year marriage and am forging a new life. I undertook the walk to be brave I thought LOL what happened is I found myself out there...
  5. djkernes

    Dangerous animals!

    I took my first Camino from. St. Jean to Finnesterre in Sept.and Oct. of 2013. I read some stories of bad dogs before I left. Frankly it scared me. But while on my walk the most aggressive thing I experienced was a dog asleep in the road who only opened one eye and then went back to sleep. I...
  6. djkernes

    Weather in Early September (on the camino Frances)

    I started my walk from St. Jean in Sept. 13, 2013. I had a few hot days and a total of 5 days of rain. Most of the days were wonderful. A friend who started Sept 2 has a lot more hot days. But as I am sure you have heard all years are different.
  7. djkernes

    Travel to St Jean de Pied de Port

    I just go finished my first Camino in Nov. I would really suggest you fly into Paris. From the airport you can catch a train direct to St. Jean. It really shortens the trip. If you fly into Spain you will have to take buses and or taxi"s to reach the.beginning.of the trail.
  8. djkernes

    Getting from Paris to St. Jean Pied de Port

    This is the.easiest.way to.start. I wish more.people into Paris. The train station the lower floor of.terminal 2. You John. You will change Bayonne and Bourdue. But it is easy to.figure out.
  9. djkernes

    Waterproof Socks

    I am glad you brought this up. I am doing my first hike in Sept. and will wear keen hiking sandals. I have a pair of gortex over socks that I plan on bringing just in case I get caught in a cold rain. Other wise I will just put dry socks on when it I can. I have hiked in boots and water proof...
  10. djkernes

    walking sep 16 - oct 18

    I will be starting just a couple days ahead of you. Coming from the Mountains of Northern Colorado through Paris and then begin in SJPP on the 13th. It's my first hike of this length; I have been walking 8 to 10 miles 3 times a week for about 14 months now. I am excited and a little scared to...
  11. djkernes

    Travel to St. Jean from the USA

    Check out Iceland Air to Paris. If you happen to be in an area that they fly in it is a cheap way to fly. You have to take a layover in in Reykjavik but if your an adventure that just adds to it.
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