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    • edandjoan
      It does surprise me when people ask advice here on the Forum about a musculoskeletal problem. I'm a physiotherapist but rarely give my opinion without first examining someone. There could be a number of reasons for your complaint. My advise as...
    • edandjoan
      Exactly as @Peterexpatkiwi says. As you have come to the point where you realise you need help, you should seek professional help. Now. A pharmacy will be able to direct you to a clinic or a physio. It continues to baffle me (as a physician)...
    • edandjoan
      edandjoan reacted to J Willhaus's post in the thread Older Couple 1st Time. Need Advice with Like Like.
      1. Not a problem. I recommend not booking the whole trip until you know how far you can walk. 2. I would not include breakfast or dinner. Breakfast in Spain is just usually a bunch of carbs and maybe coffee. Get some snacks and walk to the first...
    • edandjoan
      edandjoan reacted to domigee's post in the thread Older Couple 1st Time. Need Advice with Like Like.
      https://www.gronze.com/camino-frances#localidad-393 Have a look on this website. Imo you don’t need anyone to do it for you, no planner or tour company. But that’s just my opinion 😉 Tell us if you have any questions.
    • edandjoan
      edandjoan replied to the thread Advice for Restaurant Dinners.
      Consider the gites that offer the demi pension. We enjoyed some really good dinners during our time on that route. They weren’t all outstanding but many were (loved those cheese courses). It was true French home cooking. It also takes the angst...
    • edandjoan
      (Ed) When we did this route we booked it one day at a time. Many times we asked our current host to call ahead for us. A number of them knew each other so it was like an underground railroad. When we didn’t have them call, we would go to the...
    • edandjoan
      edandjoan replied to the thread Finisterre or Muxia?.
      We prefer Muxia.
    • edandjoan
      edandjoan replied to the thread Lisbon to Fatima.
      We took an Uber last spring from the airport
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