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Recent content by Eileen W

  1. Eileen W

    Paying household bills while on the Camino

    All my bills are paid online, most of them by Direct Debit. The couple that have to be keyed in manually are small amounts payable fortnightly, so when I walk my Camino I'll pay them them ahead of time before going. Something I just thought about. I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to...
  2. Eileen W

    Quote for all women pilgrims

    Ah, cheers for that Dougfitz. I didn't really see the 'woman' version as coming from Einstein, considering how he mistreated and abused his first wife. :( I do prefer the one that uses 'one' instead of 'man' or 'woman'. The possible originator of the saying sounds an interesting bloke in his own...
  3. Eileen W

    Quote for all women pilgrims

    Fabulous quote. I've always tended to live my life like that, so it's close to my heart. Do you mind if I use that for my signature? Cheers for sharing, JenD. :)
  4. Eileen W

    Navigation for a Newbee?!

    Thanks Mike. I've walked sections either side of Seaton where I live, including the famous Undercliff, plus some bits in North and South Devon, so now I'm planning to fill in the rest of East Devon and Dorset. Well done for walking the whole amount. I'm not sure I can do that logistically, but...
  5. Eileen W

    Navigation for a Newbee?!

    @november_moon Those are exactly the reasons why I like using guidebooks too. :) In preparation for the camino, and to get myself into good walking habits, I've decided to do some of the South West Coast Path stretches that I haven't done yet (I live on the path...well, in a house really and...
  6. Eileen W

    Being English I Like my Tea

    Al can't be from Devon because he doesn't carry an umbrella, where it's 'occasionally' known to rain...and rain and rain and rain and rain! ;)
  7. Eileen W

    Navigation for a Newbee?!

    Lovely to meet you, Mike. Sadly, I have CFS and Fibromyalgia plus a back injury, so it's not really feasible at the mo. However, I'm managing it much better this year and I'm walking really well, so I'm just biding my time and I reckon I'll go when it feels right. I'm thinking of all the...
  8. Eileen W

    Why do some people insist on shutting windows?

    I really don't like sleeping in the total darkness or without the window open. Stars, moon and fresh air. What more could a Northern Barbarian ask for? ;)
  9. Eileen W

    Navigation for a Newbee?!

    That's exactly how I want to walk my camino. I have a little problem called discalculia, which in my case affects anything digital and remembering numbers & icons. I don't use a mobile phone, and although I bought a small Fuji Finepix digi for things that don't need film, I can't get on with it...
  10. Eileen W

    Vegetarian take away!!

    I'm not a full vegetarian but I do eat mostly veggie food and would love it. I haven't been on the Camino yet, but from what I've read and seen on videos, some people have said that there's a dearth of fresh veggies. I've also heard that potatoes are mostly fried, so boiled or baked taters would...
  11. Eileen W

    Mattresses at Monasterio San Anton

    I don't have enough income to afford a whole mattress, but I've donated a tiny portion of one, lol, or whatever use you'd like to put it to. San Anton sounds really fab. It would be great to see some photos sometime. Would love to see the stone decorations, especially the Griffins. All the very...
  12. Eileen W

    Cycling the Camino Frances - 2014

    Thank you, Michelle. I really enjoyed your video and write-up. :)
  13. Eileen W

    How my I inability to add up meant 50kms in 28c heat

    Really enjoying your blog, windswept. Some fab laugh out loud moments and a very interesting write-up of the places where you've been. Buen Camino. :)
  14. Eileen W

    Walking with adversity

    That's a really inspiring story. I've put my camino on hold because of health and disability problems, however I too am walking much better than I have done for a couple of years (albeit without carrying anything other than a tiny backpack with a few essentials for half a day out), and reading...
  15. Eileen W

    Tonight BBC Great Continental Railway Journeys - A Coruna to Lisbon

    I watched the programme on iPlayer first thing this morning from the link here. Loved it so much that I spent the rest of the day watching the other programmes too, lol. One very restful Saturday. Thank you very much for the heads up, Miguel. I don't have TV so I wouldn't have known about it...