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Apr 24, 2017 at 9:21 PM
Apr 30, 2008
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New Zealand

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Active Member, from New Zealand

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2017 plans afoot for May/June Levante Mar 22, 2017

gracethepilgrim was last seen:
Viewing thread And we are off. Daily posts from The Way ....., Apr 24, 2017 at 9:21 PM
    1. gracethepilgrim
      2017 plans afoot for May/June Levante
    2. gracethepilgrim
      2017 booked May to Madrid. Now….which camino ???
    3. mal kiwi
      mal kiwi
      Grace, Thank you for the update to your Camino Portugese interior notes/ guide. It is very detailed and a pleasure to read, it looks strenuous with "lots of very Steep" sections. Not sure I am up to this! I am walking from Lisbon in early may and am considering adding this as an alternate route.
      best wishes!
    4. gracethepilgrim
      A year off in 2016 ??
    5. gracethepilgrim
      Time for another Portuguese (CPI from Viseu to Chaves..)
    6. gracethepilgrim
      On your marks .... Set for VdlP
      1. lovingkindness likes this.
    7. Lue
      Grace, I just realized you are the woman from NZ that my friend Stripey Socks has told me about. We are doing the walk with her (met her on our walk last year)!
    8. coober
      now I'm confused are Grace & Stripey Socks one of the same?
    9. lovingkindness
      Hi there, years ago in the days when writting a blog was new I read a Via-de-la-Plata blog by Gracethepilgrim. It was fantastic. Was this you?
      1. gracethepilgrim
        Hi loving kindness. Did I reply? Yes it was me!! I'm in Sevilla now ready to start VdlP again. I'll hopefully do the Portuguese variant like you did but I'm not keen on sleeping out. Hope I can find places. I'm not blogging but may post on the forum from time to time. X grace
        Sep 1, 2014
    10. Stripey Socks
      Stripey Socks
      Hi David. Sorry for the silence. I didn't get notification that you had posted. I am staying at Hostal La Casa de la Luna - near the Alcazar. No doubt we will catch up closer to the big adventure
    11. coober

      as the PM function only allows 420 characters please email me at

    12. gracethepilgrim
      PM me if you have info on Zamora - Braganza - Verin route
    13. gracethepilgrim
      Planning VdlP (into Portugal) for Sept 2014
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    New Zealand
    Camino(s) past & future:
    2003 CF, 2008 VdlP, 2012 Porto-SdC, 2014 VdlP via Portuguese var, 2015 CPI via Viseu-Chaves-Sanabres, (2107 June Levante)
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