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    Virtual Camino How to walk in my local area and sync with Camino?

    Hi Martyduc.. can you tell me...do you need to have a pedometer or other gadget to use this? Or would an iPhone work? TIA, buen Camino , Hazel
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    Starling Bank account or Revolut Pre-loaded Card?

    Thanks for all your replies ...much appreciated. I think I’ll apply for a Starling Card...looking at my Santander 123 account it looks like I’ll get a hefty hit using it in Spain! ¡buen Camino todos!
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    Starling Bank account or Revolut Pre-loaded Card?

    Thanks MikeJS, looking to avoid bank charges...do you have a good uk account that doesn’t charge you for atm withdrawals? Cheers and TIA
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    Starling Bank account or Revolut Pre-loaded Card?

    Hi All, I’m starting my second Camino in April this year and just looking at the best way to take money to Spain. I’m in the UK and considering either getting a Starling Bank account for the duration of the trip, or a Revolut (or similar) card. (I’ll also be taking a credit card for times when...
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    Matador Soap Bar Case

    The Hikers Mesh Soap Sack looks a bit like it’s made from similar material to net curtains...if I had some of this kicking about would it work ok if made into a draw string bag?
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    Primitivo in April?

    😂 thanks peregrina2000! That makes a lot more sense. Link to the stats much appreciated thank you for that 🙏
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    Primitivo in April?

    Thanks Peregrina2000... 25 people per day arriving in Santiago sounds reasonable ...but 800 per year works out at an average of 15 per week...although I imagine that people aren’t walking all year round! ...can you post the link showing 25 people per day? Thanks in advance x
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    Primitivo in April?

    Hi, I too am thinking about the primitivo in April 2019... I will be walking solo...while I don’t mind walking alone some of the time I’m not sure I want to be ‘isolated’. Any indications as to how many people will be on the primitivo in mid April would be gratefully received! (Thinking about...