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Recent content by JaneB

  1. JaneB

    St. Jean beginning of September?

    Currently I'm booked in for both 30th and 31st Aug with a start date of 1st Sept, still not sure what will happen as I'm due to fly out 4 weeks on Sunday but as yet can't get a shoe/boot/sock anywhere near my left foot. There's a part of me that is tempted to fly out anyway in order to see you...
  2. JaneB

    Spanish sim cards

    I'm bringing an unlocked mobile to Spain so that I can simply insert a Spanish sim card and be up and running. I don't intend to use it often but, being a mum, I need to be contactable. Does anyone have any suggestions re a good card to go for? I seem to remember, in the dim and distant forum...
  3. JaneB

    June/July Camino

    yay! how exciting. And Happy Belated forum Birthday as I notice that you joined a year ago yesterday Will there be cake? :D
  4. JaneB

    great Europe wide train timetable try this for planning train journeys to and from your camino, it seems fantastically easy to use!
  5. JaneB

    Plus Size Gal - Would like Backpack and Clothing Advice

    what a great thread! I'm off to read it at length and in great detail, then I'm sure I shall have questions (and maybe some answers) of my own I chose an Osprey Aura 35, medium fit, and it feels very comfortable. But it took me ages to find the right pack and many trips to the outdoor shop for...
  6. JaneB

    Irish President walks the Camino

    I'm glad she walked. I'm glad that so many people walk, it may make the CF crowded during the summer months but there are other routes, and months, for those wanting a quieter walk. ETA : Iona is another one of those places that 'calls'. My memories of an all too brief visit there linger 11...
  7. JaneB

    Irish President walks the Camino

    I don't normally jump into these threads but what happened to 'everyone walks their own camino'? Who is to say that, like so many of us, she wasn't drawn to walk for a reason that she didn't fully understand? When that need hits resistance is futile and if this was an available opportunity...
  8. JaneB

    Ivar's new adventure

    congratulations! I'm really looking forward to seeing you mid October and, probably, picking up all the things that I've had to forward because I packed too much :D
  9. JaneB

    New entry on my blog

    I'm another who hasn't donated for years but will start again at the next available opportunity, thanks for giving me the push!
  10. JaneB

    Bayonne to StJPdP on a Sunday

    Thank you! Maybe we'll chat over dinner on the Monday evening then? I'm planning on taking two days to walk to Roncesvalles so that's probably the last you'll see of me anyway! 'Start slow and get slower' is my motto for the trip :D
  11. JaneB

    Knitting on the Camino

    I'm known as Mrs Sock to a certain group of friends as I turn up at their house from time to time and sort out the mountain of socks in their airing cupboard! No one in that house EVER puts socks into pairs and I relish the job :D So I think you should leave socks on the Camino for me to find...
  12. JaneB

    Bayonne to StJPdP on a Sunday

    I'm due to arrive in Biarritz at 14.15 on Sunday 30th August, I reckon that I'll be clear of the airport by 15.15 and, hopefully, into Bayonne by around 16.00. Does anyone have any experience of getting to St J on a Sunday afternoon? The train timetable doesn't appear to have been issued yet...
  13. JaneB

    plantar fasciitis

    my reflexologist thinks I may be developing this, I'm off to see my GP this morning to get confirmation but all the signs point that way. I can pinpoint exactly when it started (second proper day of training) and I'm not feeling great about it. In th process of doing a major house move so I...
  14. JaneB

    Badges arriving today

    I'm in the middle of moving house. Once I've settled in the new place I'll be ordering mine, too, but if I do it now it'll get lost in the upheaval :lol:
  15. JaneB


    Javier, you are wonderful! We had hoped to visit the Alhambra last September for my birthday but failed to book tickets early enough and so were disappointed. I hadn't thought about the parador there for our post-Camino visit but it looks and sounds perfect. Thank you for putting the idea into...