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      Sheetrocker reacted to André Walker's post in the thread Newbie with Love Love.
      Great idea! A topless tapas bar. Could be a big hit. Let me know when you've started one
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      Sheetrocker reacted to trecile's post in the thread Newbie with Haha Haha.
      Sometimes when I tell someone I'm going to a tapas bar they mishear me and wonder why I'm going to a topless bar. 😂
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      Sheetrocker reacted to C clearly's post in the thread Newbie with Like Like.
      Your questions are very general - for example the "best" area to stay always depends on one's interests, budget, and taste. Also, you didn't say what town or area of Spain you are talking about. You might get better information on a general...
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      Male 61 years old, single and after a major unexpected change in my life I need a solo trip to figure out some life. I also hope to possibly get some direction. I have never traveled alone but have been to Spain a couple of times. Although I will...
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