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Dec 12, 2017 at 3:16 PM
Mar 29, 2009
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Co Wicklow, Ireland

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Active Member, Male, from Co Wicklow, Ireland

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Burgos-SdC 2009; Lourdes-Burgos 2009; Logrono-Leon 2014 Apr 7, 2015

timr was last seen:
Dec 12, 2017 at 3:16 PM
    1. Marigold Mama
      Marigold Mama
      I am considering doing the Camino Madrid in 2018? What guide books might you be using for the Madrid? How are the ATMs? From the Madrid, I plan to hit the San Salvador so same question. Are there many ATMs on the Camino San Salvador? If you can answer both, I would be appreciative.
      Hope you and the bulls continue to bond!
      1. timr likes this.
    2. AcrossTheWater3008
      Hi Tim I really appreciate your tremendous kindness..... it really is lovely and many thanks! Ginette x
      1. timr likes this.
    3. Annette london
      Annette london
      Thank you for your like message.hope no one sees me in the early morning doing an irish jig,now that would distract anyone. Honestly I don't know how I was linked to this thread re room at the inn as I don't know how to navigate this form so just read all the latest info each day. I just had to reply to that post. One mans pilgrimage is another mans weight loss programme! Best wishes
    4. timr
      Burgos-SdC 2009; Lourdes-Burgos 2009; Logrono-Leon 2014
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    Co Wicklow, Ireland
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    Burgos-Santiago (2009) Lourdes-Burgos (2009) Logrono-Rabanal (2014) Leon-Santiago (May 2015) Norte (August 2015) Primitivo (May 2016) Baztan (October 2016) Porto-SdC (November 2016) Madrid (May 2017)
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