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  1. Travellingman

    Crossing from France to Spain.

    Well, I think my original post is now academic....especially with the latest advice/restrictions announced by UK govt last night. Pamplona - here I (do not) come:(
  2. Travellingman

    Crossing from France to Spain.

    Further to posts on another thread, has anyone recent experience of travelling by land between France and Spain? Arrivals by air have to complete entry form, with contact details, flight number etc - I am booked to land Biarritz airport, then bus to Pamplona via San Sebastian. At present France...
  3. Travellingman

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 7)

    Thanks for your replies - yes, I have booked Alsa ticket on-line, and no, I hadn't realised they operated that service until recently. A lot better than flying to Madrid then bus to Pamplona, if you're starting there. And yes, I have ticket on mobile phone, as requested by Alsa. (actually bus...
  4. Travellingman

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 7)

    I haven't read all the posts on this thread, so if this has been covered before I apologise. My question: I'm booked to fly to Biarritz end of August, then Alsa bus from Biarritz airport to Pamplona. Then start walking for 8 days.UK nationals flying to Spain have to fill in entry form with...
  5. Travellingman

    For Sale Rab Alpine Bivvi bag

    Waterproof,breathable single shelter. Hi spec,brand new,unused. Forced sale due to disability. New price £220, accept around £150.
  6. Travellingman

    Can you camp along the Camino?

    Much has been discussed on here about camping on the camino, mainly the fact that in Spain it is largely illegal to camp outside of official sites, However, given the current situation, maybe it's time to relax this rule - at least social distancing could be maintained, and some revenue would...
  7. Travellingman

    Never again

    The other side of the camino Baztan experience. Well, I've walked the Frances 3 times, the Ingles 4, and the Portuguese, but this is far and away the WORST walk ever. OK, the first bit along the Nive from Bayonne was nice, but after Ustarlitz the arrows were very sparse, the guidebook even...
  8. Travellingman

    Multiple Caminos...

    Simples. Some of us regular pilgrims become addicted to the camino - I have walked the Frances (in parts several times, whole route 3 times. Camino Ingles 4 times) two trips a year since 2011. It really is different each time: you meet different people, of course, you stay at different...
  9. Travellingman

    Walking Poles on Ryanair?

    Regardless of the size of your poles, there is NO WAY you could get them through security and onto the plane. I can't see the problem, since you are taking hold baggage anyway.
  10. Travellingman

    Thoughts on Sketching Along Your Camino.

    Thanks for the info, I'm planning to take a small sketch pad and pencil for the first time on camino, rather than a camera, and combine the drawings with a journal as you suggest.
  11. Travellingman

    September 2018 who’s going?

    Starting 1st September from Sjpdp, for the 3rd time, 40 km a day for 20 days. Arriving Biarritz 0945 from Luton, anyone else on the same easyjet flight?
  12. Travellingman


    Taxi - expensive - or bus from airport to Bayonne, then train to SJPDP. You'll miss the midday train, next one at 1452, then another at 1812, takes about 1 hour, and costs 10 euros,
  13. Travellingman

    Travelling Light

    Not sure if you've included a towel - rather than the usual travel towel, I recommend a couple of metre squares of muslin/cheesecloth - much lighter and quicker drying. If you're going in the warmer months (Ha, I see you are), a silk liner would be sufficient, most albergues supply blankets. 3...
  14. Travellingman

    Hotels/Pension etc between Porrino and Redondela

    Fwiw, why not stay the night at Porrino? I recommend the Hostal Expo (via Booking.com) - it is BRILLIANT!! Daniel the owner will pick you up from Porrino centre, and return you the following morning. (The hostal is about 5kms from Porrino) Daniel and his wife are most welcoming, the rooms are...
  15. Travellingman

    Camino Portugues hesitation

    Hi, I've just returned from walking the Porto - Santiago section, and I must say I found it very disappointing. I took the metro from Porto to Vila do Conde to start - VERY busy roads, with no markings/arrows at all until Arcos, where the central route joined. Long stretches of narrow, busy...