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    Walking surfaces (and appropriate footwear)

    I walked a LOT in dress shoes without blisters. But three days in the city of Cardiff, got really bad blisters, so I tossed them in a charity bin and switched to some a pilgrim had abandoned in Villamayor. What were they? I don't know how to distinguish among tennis shoes, running shoes, etc...
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    The Quest To Walk 50K In A Day

    As Kevin said, "… walking the distance that is right for you on any individual day." I was around 64 when I walked 66 kilometers one day in Perú. But that's because there weren't a lot of things to spend time looking at or take pictures of. Or signs about interesting history to stop and read...
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    Is it possible to "Jack Reacher" the Camino Frances - just for fun

    "All new" in every city would not be cheap. If Spain had more thrift stores like USA (charity shops in England), it would be feasible for the non-rich. Another option: two or three changes of clothes, and let the one just washed hang on the outside of your bag until it dries.
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    Is it just me? (Enjoying urban stages)

    I don't care for industrial areas, but I like strolling through residential or "historic" areas.
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    Is the Camino for the poor??

    I would suspect the reason they "took him away" was that they considered it inappropriate to be in only underwear in public. But I don't know; maybe fishing at that location was the problem. As for vagrancy, IF Spain has laws against it, I think that would be unreasonable, but I can't expect...
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    Learning Spanish - Methods, resources, experiences, etc.

    On the other hand, if you are able to communicate well, then you have all the grammar you really need. How well did you speak your native language before you want to school? There are methods that minimize grammar instruction while producing proficient communicators i a short time. Yet many...
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    Handmade Credential

    Probably wasn't me, but I did have a journal in which I put a stamp for every albergue or café/bar/restaurant I visited (and a few truism offices and shops). Along with notes about things I saw or experienced.
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    Graffiti - what to do?

    The one I saw did have crops, except on the packed path where they had been trampled out. And the sign is evidence the intrusion was unwelcome.
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    Running a donativo albergue - seeking advice on rules & laws

    The thread is quite long, so forgive me if I missed it, but there's one detail I didn't see mentioned. Hotels, Allergies, even AirBNB hosts are required to report every guest to a database maintained by the Guardia Civil. The folks I worked with only learned that when the van load of police...
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    COVID Anyone Caught COVID on the Camino

    Shouldn't be surprising. Spain far outnumbers all other nations every year. In 2015, more than 46% were Spanish. Second place was Italy, with only eight percent.
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    what do you do if you can't find accommodation? is a tent necessary?

    I didn't always carry the tent, but what I put on my back varied from ten kilos to forty depending on the trip. That's just an estimate. The only time I actually weighed things was when I was biking. Then the trailer containing my things was 37 kilos, the bicycle fifteen, and me 85. Heart...
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    Graffiti - what to do?

    I think it was between Villamayor de Monjardín and Los Arcos, but looking for it in aerial photos, I couldn't find it. First time I passed it, there was a pile of stones at the point where people had been leaving the path. Crops were completely gone on the "shortcut." Second time, the sign...
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    “The worst footprint of the pilgrims”

    Might not help as much as you think. America is not the only place where I've seen evidence that some people think two steps to a trashcan is too far to walk.
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    Compeed vs hikers wool or both?

    Whatever. I am not the only person who has personally witnessed the STRONG adhesive in Compeed ripping skin off of the victim. But Compeed, like Moleskin, is perfect to prevent the shoe or sock from rubbing directly on the skin. What good is "helping it heal" if you later rip the skin off?