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All places to sleep in one .pdf - Route Portugues - Route Monacal/Coastal Oct 23rd 2017

All accomodation from Lisbon to Porto and along the coast to Redondela and then to Santiago

  1. cj2003
    Hi friends!

    this resource contains as many places to sleep along the route as possible - albergues, hotels, pensions and much more in one document, handy to bring with you on the camino.

    It covers the camino I walked in 2016 following
    • Lisbon->Santarem->Coimbra->Porto and
    • the coastal route from Porto->Viana do Costelo->Viladesuso->Redondela
    • and then onwards to Pontevedra->Caldas de Reis->Santiago.
    So it does not currently not cover the cities on the Porto->Braga->Ponte de Lima->Valenca section of the route!

    I have made it in a GoogleDoc as it is good for teamworking, you are all welcome to comment in it (or send me a mail from it) and I'll happily add or change it based on your input. If someone wants to add a section of the route I do not walk, I'll happily add them as moderators of the document! (you can read more here:

    Please notice there are two sheets in the GoogleDoc - the first one covers places to sleep, the second one gives an overview of the route and some usefull links to places or maps (at least, usefull to me, that is...) as well as a little overview of my primary sources (and current status of updating!)

    Well, without further ado, here it is:

    Besides, I make a .pdf and a .xlsx-document for you to download whenever I've made a few updates, so these documents are as up-to-date as possible (but the GoogleDoc is the master-document). The pdf included in this post is the one linked below

    Link to dropbox with pdf-file: on the Camino Portugues - route Monacal from Porto.pdf?dl=0

    Link to dropbox with excel-file: on the Camino Portugues - route Monacal from Porto.xlsx?dl=0

    Link to dropbox with GPS-data for the route to walk (.gpx and .kml-files): Portugues - Monacal.ZIP?dl=0

    Link to dropbox with GPS-data for all the accomodation places: Portuguese - GPS location of

    Let me know what you think of it - and if you have comments, add-ons, changes or suggestions :)

    Update 2016-01-20: I've added a link to the GPS data (.gpx and .kml-files) in the document
    Update 2017-05-01: Links to excel, GPS data and pdf updated
    Update 2017-10-23: Massive update - places added, deleted, updated and the Dutch Confraternity of Saint James (NGSJ) have converted the list of accomodation into GPS-data, so you can download the places to sleep directly to your phone/GPS-device! Check them out at or download them from this post :) Links to GPS coordinates for all the places to sleep added!

    Buen camino!

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Recent Reviews

  1. mcvett500
    Version: Jun 9th 2017
    So nice
  2. MichaelF4
    Version: Jun 9th 2017
    Thank for this. Very helpful.
  3. Joan Adams
    Joan Adams
    Version: Jun 9th 2017
    Super...walking exact route in September....marvellous document and tremendous work! Bravo!
  4. BjmVW
    Version: Jun 9th 2017
    Very helpful. Please add accomodation in smaller towns as Nigrán - if any.
    1. cj2003
      Author's Response
      So far only one place found in Nigran - will add more to the list as I lean of them :-)
  5. jrewrite
    Version: Jun 9th 2017
    you are brilliant - HUGE thank you!
  6. willydp
    Version: 2017-05-15
    Nice info - great work!
    Thanks for sharing :)
  7. Krisztina Németh
    Krisztina Németh
    Version: 2015-08-23
    Excellent up to date list, thank you!
  8. Veronica Peace
    Veronica Peace
    Version: 2015-08-23
    Very well researched resource. Fantastic that it is also updated regularly. Well done and Bom Caminho!
  9. jdogjasper
    Version: 2015-08-23
    This is so, so helpful! Thank you :)
  10. AndrewT
    Version: 2015-08-23
    Thank you for a comprehensive and really helpful resource
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