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An Operational Stress Injury Initiative

An Operational Stress Injury Initiative

As you may or may not know, I am a retired soldier, with 25-years of service. I had originally walked my first Camino in April of 2013 as a proxy for my wife, whose dream it was to walk it, but unfortunately, she has MS. I again walked the Camino in April of 2014 as a personal journey, and one which helped me greatly; sadly, I hurt my foot and was unable to complete the journey.

Regardless, I realised the impact and benefits the Camino had on my direct health, spiritually and mentally, and in the back of my mind, thought of my friends and the young soldiers serving in today’s conflicts.

To this end, I have recently put forth a proposal to my old regiment and its associations, to support soldiers dealing with Operational Stress Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. It has been verbally supported, but funding is not available.

I am not one to ask others for support, however, this is the exception, and one I feel passionate about.

Therefore, I humbly ask that you please consider a small donation in support of this initiative, as every dollar counts to making this a reality. If you are unable to donate, then please consider supporting this initiative by promoting our page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/RoyalCamino) and allowing your friends an opportunity to support us.

Please visit our GoFundMe page for additional Information and to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/RoyalCamino

Thank you all so very much, as this forum has been and continues to be a valuable source of information and support to the Camino.

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