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eCamino - practical and spiritual guide book for smartphones

eCamino - practical and spiritual guide book for smartphones 2014-01-14

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eCamino team is creating smartphone application to GPS-enabled devices and a web portal backend solution for pilgrims with practical and spiritual guidance.

The smartphone apps will available soon in iOS, Android and WP8 platforms.

The application is an offline tool which supports navigation and all the useful information which needed for a pilgrim on the way (location based content, accommodation, food, things to see…) and gives spiritual guidance. This is a reliable mobile companion on the road, and can work without mobile internet connection also. It helps in emergency. Shares useful information, news and give feedback for others. We support the user generated content (pictures, voice, POI and track info) and build the community with the assistance of the platform.
Csaba Antal
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Latest reviews

Downloaded this app back in early 2014 and gave up using it due to bugs (login issues, maps did not work correctly, etc).
Passed on my comments and observation to dev team and bugs were not fixed in a timely fashion.
Deleted app from my iPad.
Recently tried again to download app and discovered it was impossible to download current version ( November 2014).
Long sync required that fails after 5 minutes.
Tried 3 times to download and access app
Now I discover you must spend $11 US to find out if maps work which based on my previous experience with app - don't work, so not keen to try.
Overall a painful experience.
Personally as one person suggested this app is not ready for the camino and maybe never ready.

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