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In Movement There Is Peace 2013-09-30

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Elaine was a military officer and one of the first 10 prescribing psychologists in the United States. She had been treating trauma related anxiety disorders her entire the point that she started to have the same anxieties as her patients. She'd found that she just couldn't listen to the stories anymore without becoming part of them. She stepped away from her career and the military, the only life she'd ever known, to forge a new path for herself.

Joe was an adventurer. He'd been sailing, trekking and diving all over the world, searching for new experiences and alternative ways to look at life. Joe's a risk taker…but something had changed, the joy was gone. With his father, John, Joe had hiked many portions of the Appalachian Trail but several years ago his dad had died on the trail. Joe was supposed to be with him that day but had backed out at the last second. He'll regret that decision for the rest of his life.

With no advanced planning or preparation, Joe and Elaine stumbled onto the Camino de Santiago, an ancient 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. Their story is filled with laughter, tears, tragedy and pure joy as they explore the fears, anxieties, and habits that hold us back from living a full and fearless life, a life connected to the spirit.
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I have learned so much from the story of Elaine and Joe Foster and their journey along the Camino.
A very honest account and well worth reading

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