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Invierno Forum Guide

Invierno Forum Guide 2019 Invierno guide

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Updated January 25th 2019: The 2019 version has just been posted.

Hot off the press -- This guide replaces the 2018 edition. It is much improved. I am very thankful to the many pilgrims who have helped with updates.

I expect there will be an uuptick in the number of Invierno pilgrims, now that the Xunta has officially recognized the route. Please -- if you use this guide, remember that its success depends exclusively on having new pilgrims pay it forward.

There is currently one published guide in English and another one expected soon. At some point, this forum effort will become unnecessary and duplicative, but until then, let's keep it going!

Buen camino, Laurie
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Latest updates

  1. The 2019 update of this guide

    This is the 2019 version of this guide.
  2. 2018 version

    Revised and updated by forum members, this guide should be all you need to walk from Ponferrada...

Latest reviews

What a great job!! Thank you!!!
Essential information at our fingertips: What a beautiful group effort - thanks, Laurie, for pulling it together!
It is something I have been looking forward to so when I take off to do my Camino I will have this detailed guide. It was much needed and a lot of effort went into creating something to help anyone or everyone. Thank you to all who helped put this worthwhile guide together.
Marigold Mama

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