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Preparing for the Camino? 2021-07-31

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How it works:

* You message me via this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Caminopreparation and we set up a one-to-one Skype or Zoom appointment.

* We chat about your Camino plans and any questions you might have, be it gear or fear oranything in between.

* I will not give you absolute answers, but rather help you to discover what is the best answer for YOU.

* After the chat I send you an email or PDF with the relevant information to take your Camino plans further. (Apps, Packing list, useful websites we chatted about, whatever applies to you).

* Cost: Donation at your discretion via Paypal or (Transfer)Wise.

* Lack of funds is NOT a reason not to contact me, if you can't make a donation, just give me a smile ;-)

Who I am:

My name is Sybille Yates and I walked my first Camino in 1999. Since then I have walked many pilgrimages to Santiago, Assisi and Rome in a variety of countries like Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and the Czech Republic with a rough total of 12 000km/7500mi. I also have volunteered as a hospitalera in a variety of albergues. I now live in Santiago and try to help pilgrims as good as I can, see http://egeria.house/ And last, but not least, I have written a book about preparing for the Camino https://amzn.to/3ysiu0y and whilst I still think that it's a good book, our times are so fast changing and challenging that I am putting this offer out here so that you can get the most relevant and correct information in real time.
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