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Vegetarian food along the Camino Francés

Vegetarian food along the Camino Francés March 15th 2018

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There are more and more possibilities for vegetarians on the camino. Quite a few restaurants are offering vegetarian pilgrim menu options and the number of albergues offering a vegetarian meal is increasing every year.

However, meat is a big thing in the average Spanish menu and it is not always easy to maintain a vegetarian diet. Even vegetable soups and stews are often made with meat stock. Salads are common and quite good, though often include tuna, so you may need to request a vegetables-only salad. The Spanish tortilla, a potato and egg omelette, makes a good addition for those who eat eggs. If ordering a set menu, you can often substitute two starters (for example, a salad and soup, or salad and pasta) rather than a starter and a meat-laden main course.

You have to be careful when ordering food in bars and restaurants. Stating that you are a vegetarian doesn’t always get the message across. It may be hard to believe but fish/pescado, bacon /beicon and ham /jamón can be all considered as non meat options.
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