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  1. Gerard Hazelebach

    Winter Hospitaleros needed

    Don’t copy paste the emailaddress. Loose the spaces! rkansas@terra.com
  2. Gerard Hazelebach

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 6)

    I read somewhere that there are plans of creating an App where you can see availability in Albergues and a possibility to make reservations when the Camino opens again. Is there any news about this?
  3. Gerard Hazelebach

    If you want to take 4 rest days on the CF, where would you stop?

    We stayed an extra day in Pamplona, Burgos and Leon. Mainly because there is lot to see/visit in these big cities. And I would certainly advise to stay a couple of extra days in Santiago after you finished! You need to slowly get used to idea that you have done it! YTou don't want to rush back...
  4. Gerard Hazelebach

    Spanish Weather App

    Try the App : Eltiempo.es+ . IT works very good and is accurated and is accurate AND free
  5. Gerard Hazelebach

    Comment by 'Gerard Hazelebach' in media 'Approach to Pamplona'

    Is the Guy with the unexpected fruit still there? It was a very nice surprise!!
  6. Gerard Hazelebach

    Starting EPW August 25th .....

    Anyone interested in the EPW. After last years Camino Frances (Sept) we decided to do the EPW in 2015. We will be writing a daily blog you can follow if you like. We will be starting on August 20 from Vienna. Web adress is : hazelebach.reislogger.nl It will be in Dutch, but you will find a...
  7. Gerard Hazelebach

    Sock problem

    Hi, Did not use wool socks for several reasons. They don't dry fast. They are too fluffy so your feet move easily in your shoes (blisters). I only used so called "dual layer" socks and they were FABULOUS! Never use anything else anymore! See: www.wrightsock.com Buen Camino
  8. Gerard Hazelebach

    Dealingwith the heat

    Take more then enough water with you. To keep your head and body cool just soak a kitchen cloth (pref of cotton) in water and put it on you neck. Keep a hat on! Use sundcreen! And........ Buen Camino!
  9. Gerard Hazelebach

    Water bladder or no water bladder; that is my question?

    Hi there, in my opinion you defenitly don't need a bladder of any kind. If you have a 500 ml bottle somewhere, there are more then enough places where you can fill it up ( do it every time there is an opportunity)
  10. Gerard Hazelebach

    What to eat between St Jean and Roncesvalles

    We did it last year in September. We found a butcher in SJPDP who sold VERY good dry saucisses. We took 4 with us. They lasted about two days. You can't get the same in Spain!! I remembered a guy somewhere high up in the Pyrenees with a van and nice warm stuff you could buy between SJPDP and...
  11. Gerard Hazelebach

    60 and over on the Camino

    Hi there, Last year, my wife (54) and I (turned 60 on the Camino) walked the French way in September. We had no problems what so ever. Important is that keep the weight of your packs as low as possible and that your shoes are well broken in. You realy don't need a lot of stuff. The most...
  12. Gerard Hazelebach

    First Timer Concerned with Amount of Walking per Day

    You need no more then 2 days to "see" and "experience" Pamplona, then take the bus to Burgos and start from there when you really want to have a spiritual experience on the Cammino AND finish in Santiago.
  13. Gerard Hazelebach

    Is our backpack big enough

    Don't you worry!! We (my wife and I) walked both with an Osprey 28 Liter pack and had space enough. We even shipped goods back in Burgos. You will not need any cold weather gear in April and even you don't actually really need a full sleeping bag. We only used liners. Almost everywhere you can...
  14. Gerard Hazelebach

    Where Do You Recommend To Get Engaged Along The Trail?

    Walk your Camino together and if you're still "together" at the end, propose in front of the cathedral in Santiago. You cannot find a better test!
  15. Gerard Hazelebach

    Still "glowing" back home!!

    Still "glowing" back home!!
  16. Leon


    They still look, feel great!!
  17. A new movie in the making

    A new movie in the making

    SJPdP on Sept 3 2014
  18. You have to document evrything!!

    You have to document evrything!!

  19. We arrived

    We arrived

  20. Gerard Hazelebach

    Toughen your feet?

    Hi, we walked the CF last september. Spaying your feet a couple of weeks before you go with Camphor Alcohol spray will certainly help to "harden" your feet. This, in combination with well broken in shoes and "double socks", did it for me (and my wife). The "urine story" is a hoax. This was...