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  1. c0484

    Pilgrim safety

    Only good if you can read Spanish.
  2. c0484

    My cancer camino

    I walked my first Camino in response to my cardiac condition. I did so prayerfully and reverently. I have not had a cardiac incident since then, but each time I walk the Camino I have a new religious experience.
  3. c0484

    Should I pack my kindle?

    You can be as busy as you want to be or have as much fun as you want to have without a Kindle. You will meet so many people ans share so many experiences that you do not really have time to read unless reading is your focus.
  4. c0484

    Which size rucksack?

    It depends on the person. I only carry 17-20 lbs of stuff, but I carry a large pack so that I can travel on aircraft with the walking sticks packed inside. TSA has never questioned it.
  5. c0484

    Wallowing in Self Pity

    I was planning to depart for St. Jean on April 26th to walk the Camino for my third time and to celebrate my 75th birthday. I know how you feel.
  6. c0484

    Planning for May 2021

    I was planning to be on day 2 of my third Camino today, but I will wait until April 20, 2021 to start. I always fly into Charles de Gualle because I can catch the train to Bayonne in the airport.
  7. c0484

    Breakfast in St Jean Pied de Port

    As the locals adjust to the pandemic, you will have to look around. Ask the proprietors of the albergue you spent the night in and/or ask at the Camino office. You will need protein especially on the first day. Consider carrying a sausage of some kind.
  8. c0484

    Today would have been my first day on the camino.

    I was scheduled to fly out today to begin my third Camino.
  9. c0484

    6-7 days walking for someone with arthritis

    I was almost totally debilitated with severe arthritis when I went to Germany last November. It was difficult for me to walk 100 yards without excruciating pain in all my joints. I stopped at a pharmacy where they recommended a product named GELENCIUM. It is all natural and comprised of...
  10. c0484

    Dealing with nostalgia?

    It is the Camino Curse. I keep going back and the more times I walk the Camino the more I want to walk it again.
  11. c0484

    Tips for couple of youngters doing the camino Frances in March/April

    I have attached the Albergue list so that you can figure out the costs. As for March, April and May, expect cold and rain. There are various thoughts on how much to pack: the rule of thumb is no more than 10% of your body weight, but I tell people that if you have more than 17 lbs, start...
  12. c0484

    Parador in Leon

    Parador de León Plaza San Marcos, 7 +34 987 23 73 00
  13. c0484

    Passport, Credencial and Certificate Care

    I always carry my passport in a zip-loc bag. You can buy a mailing tube at the post office and take it with you or buy one at the pilgrim's office in Santiago.
  14. c0484

    Staying in Albergues

    It is okay to spend a second night in an albergue, however almost all of them require that you leave in the morning and come back at noon. Buen Camino!
  15. c0484

    What to pack for my First Camino?

    Looks like you are carrying too much. The rule of thumb is to carry no more than 10% of your body weight. I always advise people that if their loaded backpack exceeds 17 lbs to take a serious look for what is necessary vs what is convenience or comfort and get rid of it. Weight will impact...
  16. c0484

    Is anyone doing the Camino without any specific purpose

    No one walks the Camino for no reason. You will figure it out as you go. For me it is always for religious reasons and for the people you meet along the way. Others walk it for the challenge, others because they have seen the movie and think it will be fun, others for health reasons, etc.
  17. c0484

    Help! The walking pole makes me feel like the walking dead!

    There is a correct way to use walking sticks and an incorrect way to use them. The incorrect way will make you hate them. On level and uphill ground, the tips of the poles never come forward past the heal of your foot. On downhill ground, place them in front of you for balance.
  18. c0484

    Family want to track my route

    I use a SPOT device. It lets up to 10 people track me and is updated every 10 minutes. One of the other benefits is it gives you immediate access to emergency assistance through it's satellite link.
  19. c0484

    The camino is boring landscapes, paved roads, traffic…

    What he does not understand is that it is about the pilgrims you encounter. I tell people that the pilgrims on the Camino live like we are all supposed to live and we take care of one another. That is something your friend will not encounter the way it is on the Camino.