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  1. peterhore

    Cruz de Ferro - plans for landscaping and redevelopment

    Well, Katherine, I'd like to know more about your researching options, thank you
  2. peterhore

    The Holy Year Credenciale is available!

    Does the Holy Year credencial have all those unnecessary maps on the back?
  3. peterhore

    Cruz de Ferro - plans for landscaping and redevelopment

    A question please: how long has the CdF been there? Is it mediaeval or 20th century?
  4. peterhore

    VdlP - Albergue tracking during Covid

    There is a Facebook page "Friends of the via de Plata group" with much current information about albergues etc
  5. peterhore

    A Water Bottle Holder For Backpacks.

    Great devices, but they are for plastic bottles which elsewhere on this forum we are trying to get rid off NO MORE PLASTIC ON THE CAMINIO PLEASE
  6. peterhore

    SJPD-Muxia 2012-13, Chemin de la Liberte 2014, Ingles 2016, Rabanal 2017, Portugues 2018...

    SJPD-Muxia 2012-13, Chemin de la Liberte 2014, Ingles 2016, Rabanal 2017, Portugues 2018, suspended VldP March 2020
  7. peterhore

    History of the Camino

    Can I recommend this recent book? Camino: Pilgrims to Paradise, the Road to Santiago, Then and Now – A Cultural Companion Adam Hopkins is an Englishman who has lived in Spain for many years an has explored the Camino on foot and by car. From the blurb, he "weaves together a thrilling...
  8. peterhore

    Was this cheating?

    Thanks - I was signalling my support to trishb. Last year on the portugues/variante I met an American woman who was doing the whole thing by taxi/boat, but she was an amusing raconteur & in the evenings able to tell me about and share her pictures of the churches and sites which I'd not had...
  9. peterhore

    Was this cheating?

    Trishb - I'm 75 and serring out on the vdlp in two weeks - what's the taxi number, please? Peter
  10. peterhore

    Favorite places to stay Porto to Santiago on Portugues Central, or Finnesterre?

    Oin In Muxia I recommend a restaurant called el cordobes (on the front just where the bus stops) for the most amazing seafood. Don’t ask what’s on the menu but accept whatever is offered - been there three times in last five years and think it’s the very best reason for not stopping in SdC but...
  11. peterhore

    Boat trip

    Yes - unmissable - with a very knowledgeable local guide/boat driver and things you will not see from the shore BUT you will disqualify from obtaining a credential in Santiago (see other threads)
  12. peterhore

    Variante Espiritual map

    (1) talking to the pilot, the boat times are dependent upon the tides and so vary throughout the (lunar) month- the river is very shallow in the upper reaches, (2) regarding the Compostela, I seem to remember being told that the VE didn't count in accordance with some ruling at SdC. But if it...
  13. peterhore

    How To Recognize a Fellow Forum Member While On Camino

    The badge is good, but you don't need it. I sat opposite a young man on the train to Waterloo (London) on Wednesday and we recognised each other as pilgrims even though I was besuited, wearing a tie and on my way to a business meeting. He was from Hungary and on his way to walk St Davids Way...
  14. peterhore

    Variante Espiritual map

    Hi - there was never any answer to my email although they agreed that they had received it, & in the end I phoned up on the day before and booked a place (and glad I speak Spanish), and glad I did so because there was only one boat that morning (last September) which left at 0730, and I had the...
  15. peterhore

    Greece financial crisis spreads to Spain and Portugal

    Is there a figure for the financial benefit to Spain of the Camino? 250,000 pilgrims on the Camino frances for an average of 35 days spending 25 euros per diem = over 200m euros, but this calculation is pretty crude. Is there a better figure?
  16. peterhore

    Trains from Madrid to Astorga

    There's an excellent bus service too: https://www.busbud.com/en/bus-schedules-results/ezjmgt/eze9qr?outbound_date=2019-01-10&adults=1
  17. peterhore

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Set off to reach Santiago for my 70th birthday, the first person I met on the climb up to Orisson (and the only person walking slower than me), was an 84-year US doctor and we kept each other company as far as Pamplona. Have been back most seasons since and next year am starting the VDLP.
  18. peterhore

    Questions about Via de la Plata...

    How typical is the current weather in Seville and northwards on the VDLP? I walked the Portugues in September this year and really didn't enjoy it - it was far too hot, in the low to mid 30s for most of the me, whereas the weather in Seville for the next few days at least - sunny and n the mid...
  19. peterhore

    Black Swan Hostel - Great Seville Option!

    Is the Black Swan open thoughout the winter?
  20. peterhore

    Sign for pilgrims

    Rodrigo is right: do not use plastic bottles on the Way. Elsewhere on this forum I have campaigned for single-use plastic bottles to be banned. They are a scourge at all times, in all places, not least on the Camino, see...