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  1. Artemisofephesus

    Still having foot issues 4 years later - thoughts?

    Dear all, Gosh, it's been a while since I've been on this forum! I walked the Camino in winter 2009. I started developing pain in the soles of my feet (and everywhere else, while I was walking) about halfway into my pilgrimage, but because I was a driven seventeen-year-old, my headspace didn't...
  2. Artemisofephesus

    Beginner's questions about the route

    Hi everyone, So after walking from Roncesvalles to Santiago from November 26 to December 30 last year (still less than a month ago!) I am already planning my next pilgrimage, this time from Le Puy to Santiago. I've got a free year in Europe, though hoping to find some work in Germany for a...
  3. Artemisofephesus

    Decisions and bad weather

    Greetings from Astorga! Yes, still Astorga. There has been a massive amount of snow in the last 24 hours. We went out this morning and walked to the next village where we were promptly cornered by a Spanish couple sweeping snow from the footpath, who (from what we could make out) were telling...
  4. Artemisofephesus


    Just thought I'd shout it out... IT SNOWED! Yay! We were up in the mountains between Estella and Los Arcos and it started snowing, just a little at first, and then it turned into a full-on storm with really cold winds and we got soaked. We took the alternative route through Luquin (sp?) by...
  5. Artemisofephesus

    Jo's camino blog - winter 2009

    Hi everyone, I've just posted my first post on my blog for the camino in November/December this year. I'm hoping to be updating regularly from now (two weeks to go!) until I reach Santiago and Finisterre, and maybe even afterwards. The blog's mainly for keeping up with friends and family, but...
  6. Artemisofephesus

    Jo's packing list

    I hope it's ok to post my list here to get some feedback on it. I'm walking from the end of November this year to the beginning of January next year. Camino Packing List I will be wearing: Water/wind/rain proof jacket 620g Thermal top 180g Thermal pants 200g...
  7. Artemisofephesus

    Language issues

    Hey all, I haven't been able to find any other posts on the language issue, so I thought I'd ask: am I going to get by on the camino without much knowledge of Spanish? It's just not possible for me to take a course or even spend time learning some Spanish at home, as I'm in my last term of high...
  8. Artemisofephesus

    London - St Jean

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone could give me price estimates for a flight from London to Biarritz, or alternatively a train ticket down through France to St Jean? If there is such a thing - It'd be lovely taking the train through France! I'm flying from Australia to London (it was much cheaper...
  9. Artemisofephesus

    Sleeping bags for a winter camino?

    Hey all, I was wondering whether anyone could give me an indication of what sort of sleeping bag I'd need for a November/December camino (in terms of warmth), or if anyone had one that they can reccommend that would suit this time of year? I'll be sleeping in the albergues and I've heard it can...
  10. Artemisofephesus

    Backpacks... What else?

    Everyone on this forum seems to obsess about pack weight. Go light! everyone says, because every bit of weight counts. And there's even brands that specialise in superlight things. Well, that might be ok for people who live in big cities and near retailers where they carry those sorts of...
  11. Artemisofephesus

    When to get boots?

    Hi, Seeing as it's less than a year until I walk now (november 09), I'm wondering whether I should start looking around for some good hiking boots soon so I can break them in well before going. Only trouble is, I'm 16 (17 in a few months) and I'm not sure if my feet are still going to grow or...
  12. Artemisofephesus

    Christmas in Santiago

    Hey hey, happy new year to all! I was wondering - I'm doing the camino november/december next year right after I finish school and there's a chance I'll be in or around Santiago at Christmas. What are the practicalities about that? Will I be able to find accommodation? Will stuff be open...
  13. Artemisofephesus

    Seeking opinions on two different packs

    Hi all, Excitedwalker and I went looking at packs today in all the local shops. (Never mind that we've still got 16 months until me actually start walking.) Two of the packs that were interested in were Lowe Alpine Airzone 35 (35 litres, weighs 1.1kg and costs $119.99) and the EPE Rana (45...
  14. Artemisofephesus

    Vegetarian food?

    Hi, Just wondering, what does a typical pilgrim menu in an albergue consist of? I'm a vegetarian and don't necessarily want to go to a cafe or restaurant every night just to get something that doesn't have meat in it, I'm not going to have that much money to spend. Do the albergues offer...
  15. Artemisofephesus


    Hmm, this might sound strange, but on all the packing lists I've ever come across I've never seen a mention of anything to do with hair. I happen to have really long, fine, knotty hair which I really don't want to part with. Do most pilgrims have really short hair? (I mean women here, men...
  16. Artemisofephesus

    some general questions

    Hello everyone, I've been wanting to do the Camino for about half a year now, I'm planning on doing it after I finish school and before I start university. I'd be 17 and a half - is age an issue? Also, unless I take a gap year, which I'm not planning on because I'm a natural scholar, it would...