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  1. marylynn

    Recommendation on what to do with slides

    Our public library has a machine/device that converts slides to digital files. We just have to make an appointment and a techy librarian will show you how to use the device...once libraries re-open. I think there is a time limit for each visit, but it is a great service.
  2. marylynn

    Question for DSLR users

    How do I carry my DSLR on the camino?? I don’t. I leave it at home so it doesn't get dropped or dirty or stolen, but I do take my Nikon Coolpix A900, a good-quality compact camera, with excellent zoom, macro, and high-resolution capabilities, in a padded case that has a 'half-loop' on the...
  3. marylynn

    Arrrgh. . . It's Too Red. Will It Be Like Carrying An Easter Egg?

    Just in case you are keeping a tally of opinions, I thought I would weigh in, too. A few years ago my walking-mate wore a red backpack and it was always reassuring when I could easily spot him ahead of me in the distance...and I agree that a red pack is more easily seen than grey or black in an...
  4. marylynn

    Sock, to wash or not too wash?

    I was recently told that you should not wash merino wool socks often--just take them off and hang them to dry inside out.
  5. marylynn

    Do I need a VPN?

    Many albergues have wifi, but many donativo albergues do not. I was going to suggest using the public libraries, but maybe they are not secure?
  6. marylynn

    I don't wear socks 😂

    My advice: wear not one, but two pairs of socks - thin liners and outer thicker socks, both Merino won’t be sorry, and Andy will be happy.
  7. marylynn

    Paper map

    I have used this handy Michelin mapbook for the past several years on the CF - I always pick up a new one in Leon at the bookstore close to the front of the Cathedral. It's lightweight, easy to carry and includes information about services in towns and albergues, and an elevation and road...
  8. marylynn

    Poles don't fit in checked luggage!

    I have had no problem if I put the poles, one on each side of the pack, with the tip-ends inside the mesh side-pockets and the rest of each pole secured tightly under the straps, and my pack cover on. The clerk then puts it in a blue bin and onto the conveyor belt. Never had a problem in the...
  9. marylynn

    Dyslexic.... are the camino routes possible with no gps? Dyslexic, bad with technology but do you think a possibility would be using a book?

    'I want to be away for about 3 - 5 months.' Check the Schengen Area rules--Wikipedia is a good place to start. The UK is in the EU so you don't need a visa to enter Spain, but the UK is not a Schengen Country and not part of the Schengen Agreement, so you cannot stay more than 90 days in a...
  10. marylynn

    Wake up alarms?

    When I was a hospitalera once, I needed to get up very early, ~4:30a.m. because several guests wanted to get an early start to avoid the heat in June, and I wanted to make sure they had what they needed for breakfast and to say goodbye. After a few days, I finally realized that even though the...
  11. marylynn

    Best Poncho in the Universe

    Thanks for your offer of a large blue Altus - I'll stick with my nifty thrifty Ikea poncho. Cheap at twice the price, and it works great!
  12. marylynn

    What Layer to Take

    The down jacket would be better protection against wind and cold (and snow), I think.
  13. marylynn

    After the day is done - shoes

    Before my first Camino, I consulted my chiropractor about footwear for after-walking and he strongly recommended taking something that would continue to provide some compression--not flipflops, he said, because after a day of walking with boots that compress and support your feet, you could...
  14. marylynn

    Trail Trekkers

    I always wear my boots on the plane - they are the heaviest item I have and won't fit into my pack, which I have always checked in and never had a problem.
  15. marylynn

    Shoes and sleeping bag

    Some albergues can be quite chilly at night in early summer. I always take my sleeping bag and a silk liner. Even if an albergue has blankets, there might not be enough for everyone, and some albergues do not use mattress covers. My 'indoor' sleeping bag is good to 15C and is cotton on one...
  16. marylynn

    Shoes in Logroño?

    There is a sporting goods store near one of the main plazas in Logrono where I bought a pair of Keen boots to replace a cheap pair of boots that weren't working for me. Ask at an albergue or a shopkeeper where it is located. The staff were friendly and helpful. Sorry I don't have the name of...
  17. marylynn

    What to wear to fly in?

    I always wear my 'best' walking clothes and my boots on the airplane. My packing list is similar to yours - except 2 short-sleeved or 2 long-sleeved merino wool shirts + 1 opposite-sleeved shirt, depending on the season. If I have space in my pack, I add a non-merino wool t-shirt for...
  18. marylynn

    Do I need more stuff...?

    For the past five years I have used my Gregory 30L pack for all my caminos and I also use it when I go to Montreal to visit my daughter, because I can easily walk 45min to the train station, stash it easily on the train, transfer trains efficiently in Toronto, and, if for some reason my daughter...
  19. marylynn

    Taking photographs

    If you are taking a camera, be sure to set it at the highest resolution and image quality possible, and if it shoots RAW, all the better--but you will need lots of memory on cards. Several 8GB cards are better than one very large GB card , as you might lose the card or it might corrupt...or...
  20. marylynn


    I use Camp Suds for everything. It is very concentrated and you only need two or three drops.