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    Daily costings

    My breakdown from last spring when I assumed I would stay in all albergues: Albergue: 15 (average) Breakfast: 6 (fresh orange juice, coffee con leche, croissant) Lunch: 4 - 6 (usually groceries) Afternoon stop: 2 -3 (coffee or orange juice - buy something to use the restroom and have a...
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    Cafe con Leche / Coffee on the Camino: Enquiring Coffee Lovers want to know!!

    Before and after Camino I drink my coffee black. On the Camino, I am a solid cafe con leche fan (but add a little sugar). Big enough fan that I often order two. Am also a fan of fresh squeezed OJ and I developed a love of "lemonade beer" or cerveza con limon or a Radler. They are low in...
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    Etiquette/ what to wear at churches

    Churches can be some of the most peaceful places on earth. Even if you don't know the ritual or understand the language, let yourself sink into the peaceful sanctuary of church. You might find God. You might find yourself. Or maybe you will find a peaceful respite. It's all good. Oh, and I...
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    Try this drink in Valencia

    What is horchata?
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    Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup 2021: No stopping a pig!

    My sincere appreciation for the work of the pigs.
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    If you are staying in a private room are you tipping the help?

    Thanks for sharing. Was unaware of these conditions. Las Kellys is an interesting approach to try to remedy poor working conditions. Good to know.
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    Clothes dryer etiquette

    In Atapuerca there was only one washer (no dryer-just line dry) and the line for the washer was long. It was getting late, there wouldn't be much time for drying clothes on the line. I could see the next-in-line pile of clothes was quite small so I approached the owner, a nice gentleman from...
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    Looking for a documentary/tv episode...

    If it was part of the "Rich and Famous" series, you might try a search using the names of famous people associated with the Camino. Shirley Maclain, Emilos Estevez, Martin sure there are others.

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