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  1. P Rat

    Hot flashes and sleeping bag liners?

    I sympathise. Maybe instead of a liner use a sheet? For exactly that reason I turned my down sleeping bag into a quilt. Just kept the foot box and I have an elastic that goes around the mattress the prevent it from slipping on the floor. (Haven’t field tested this yet though so fingers crossed...
  2. P Rat

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie -Camino Mozárabe de Almería to Mérida Start 28 Oct2022

    Not sure you can WhatsApp me as I don’t have the Eu sim anymore. Anyway, we’re very keen to catch up and pick your brains about the Mozarabe. We intend to start this mid April. We have just left the ferry and are in Geelong. If you respond here, or PM Patty van Hest on Facebook (me on a paddle...
  3. P Rat

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie -Camino Mozárabe de Almería to Mérida Start 28 Oct2022

    I’ll wait to hear from you! Speedy recovery Annie!
  4. P Rat

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie -Camino Mozárabe de Almería to Mérida Start 28 Oct2022

    Oh Annie! I was trying to contact you around about the time you left for Spain. We wer win your Oz neighbourhood and wanted to catch up. What a good way you picked though! We have booked tickets to do this Camino just after Easter, you can tell us all about it! So glad you got back to Spain...
  5. P Rat

    Walking Camino Frances as a couple

    Hubby and I walked together, though many times apart as well for whatever reason. The best thing of doing this journey together though is that after three years we can still share the experience. Little words, a view that looks familiar etc, we quite often at the same time may say ‘oh, remember...
  6. P Rat

    Post-Camino Travel: A Mistake or a Blessing?

    We did our first camino (VDLP) in 2019. We live in Australia, spend 3 nights in London, then 3 nights in Portugal (for both we visited family) and then we walked for 6 weeks. We broke these 6 weeks with a family visit in Madrid (4 days) then continued the VDLP. After finishing the camino we...
  7. P Rat

    Walking guide -- Mozárabe from Almería to Granada

    Thanks Kevin, we had planned this one for 2020 but alas. As it is still on the agenda, we will have much benefit from it!
  8. P Rat

    Numbers in front of church- what do they mean?

    Thanks everyone, I have forwarded the explanation to 4xtremes, the original persons asking about them. If you are in Galicia and you see a big red truck camper...that's most likely them. Talk to them, very interesting and interested people.
  9. P Rat

    Numbers in front of church- what do they mean?

    No idea Tassie as I am asking for a friend who is in Galicia but only got the info via another platform. I have the idea thought that they are common and not just the one church...
  10. P Rat

    Numbers in front of church- what do they mean?

    Curious as to what the numbers carved in stone mean, does anyone have an answer? Anyone on this forum who can shed a light on the meaning of the numbers? Much appreciated
  11. P Rat

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    Can recommend Helinox. Light, collapsible, and currently come in different styles and lengths.
  12. P Rat

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    Hahaha..yes. Can relate. Still under a sheet in Brisbane, since last year September. What, with global warming etc I might send my quilt to family in the Netherlands...;)
  13. P Rat

    Arrow at Burguete

    And how many of us are still scanning a week after finishing our camino? Was quite a shock to think for myself again :)
  14. P Rat

    What is the most unusual thing you have seen on any Camino?

    Nope, and pretty pleased about that :)
  15. P Rat

    What was the thing you were most happy to lose on the Camino?

    Left behind a massage ball at the very first albergue on the VDLP...and regretted it the whole way. Then in the last few days 'lost' my Helinox walking poles. If they were accidentally taken, so be it. And otherwise I just hope the new owner needed them more than me. I now have an email address...
  16. P Rat

    EW....that's disgusting!

    Same with us...along the VDLP too. We thought it was some sort of pasta until the barman explained what it was. No language barrier there, but peer pressure from all the locals watching us...and they thought it hilarious when we politely declined after a bite. Obviously before Covid as one of...
  17. P Rat

    How much Spanish do you need on the VDLP

    it wouldn't be the first time either that above said sign has been there all week...
  18. P Rat

    How much Spanish do you need on the VDLP

    you'll be fine and your efforts will be appreciated. Funny thing happened to us in Galicia (a whole different sound to the Spanish we had heard in the previous weeks!) when we met a very nice local in some small village. He wanted us to pick as many cherries from his orchard as we could carry...
  19. P Rat

    The Best Clothing ? And the winner is....

    Big fan of Icebreaker brand. Wear them (nearly) all year round, including the underwear. We're in Queensland, Australia, so height of summer it's only the underwear that gets any use. I love how they have the different weights, so good for layering.
  20. P Rat

    Training on a treadmill.

    Are you referring to the 3% mentioned in a post above? That is a 3% DEcline though...(and a 15% incline on same machine). I had to read it twice too. :)

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