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  1. brault-singh

    Please plan to stop in Navarrete 8 miles outside of Logrono

    Is this near Bar Deportivo? THAT was the best meal we had on our Camino in 2015. I am hoping Bar Deportivo is still open as it was absolutely fabulous.
  2. brault-singh

    Santiago favorites accommodations

    We had a wonderful stay at Hostal Suso. It was perfectly located and relatively inexpensive comparatively speaking. Extremely clean, with a helpful staff.
  3. brault-singh

    Help us choose the perfect Camino route for a peaceful yet social pilgrimage

    We just finished the Portuguese in late October and found the route to be pretty difficult. As elders, we wanted to avoid bunk beds and needed to use the bathroom frequently, so we would look for private rooms. There are not the options available on the Portuguese as they were on the French. The...
  4. brault-singh

    Accommodation in Grijo

    We just had the most wonderful stay in a ‘Casa Rural’ called Couta Rural, run by Lurdes and her husband, Geral. Lurdes was closed but when we sent an email and then called via WhatsApp, she said she would take us in. She was so kind and went out of her way to help us - even driving us to a...
  5. brault-singh

    Do you get a Compostela if you take the boat to Padron?

    We’ve read that if you take the boat on the VE to Padron you will not receive a Compostella even if you’ve started way back - such as in Coimbra as we are planning…
  6. brault-singh

    Not another book about the Camino!

    Yes, we too took tons of photos which friends surprisingly didn’t want to see - 1,648 photos are too many? Pshaw! Here’s to strong sales!
  7. brault-singh

    Not another book about the Camino!

    Best of luck with it. Very similar looking to my book from a few years ago:
  8. brault-singh

    Hurricane warning (!!)

    Having walked through the remnants of Hurricane Henri in Sept 2015 from Orisson to Roncesvalles, it is nothing to ignore. Several people were blown down and injured. What should have taken half a day, took us eight hours! So heed the warnings about Danielle.
  9. brault-singh

    COVID Spain Entry Restrictions

    In going to the Spanish website noted above, it seems they are only interested in people arriving via air. There’s no option for arrival via car or walking.
  10. brault-singh

    28L pack on the Camino Frances this October

    One thing to add about clothing for warm weather: we didn’t take much for the cold, but we had our rain pants and jackets and we just put those on in the morning when it was frigid. We warmed up quite nicely by mid-morning. We did buy a stocking cap and gloves which helped for the nether...
  11. brault-singh

    Tour Provider to Finisterre, Muxia, Costa da Morte

    We used By The Way Tours. It was a wonderful experience as the guide was such a pleasant person and told us much more about the area than we would have gleaned from books or brochures. We had a fabulous lunch in a tiny restaurant with a lovely bottle of wine, and we didn’t have to drive...
  12. brault-singh

    Apres Camino bag shipped from Lisbon to Santiago

    Thank you so much for the info. So good to have someone’s detailed experiences also. Take care and heal quickly! Sarah
  13. brault-singh

    Apres Camino bag shipped from Lisbon to Santiago

    We are planning on walking in late September from Lisbon to Santiago but as with our previous Camino (Frances) we want to ship a small carry-on size case on to Santiago for ’apres Camino’ clothes. Are there such services from Lisbon?
  14. brault-singh

    SJPP to Roncesvalles - your personal experience

    We walked in Sept 2015, stopping in Orisson. We were capable of going further that day but not to Roncevalles. We very much enjoyed the afternoon and evening we spent meeting new friends in Orisson. It was a windy evening and people were hunkered down with wine and beers flowing. I doubt any of...
  15. brault-singh

    Warm up with a homemade Caldo Gallego soup

    I use this recipe from Mario Batali’s ‘Spain’
  16. brault-singh

    I am arriving at SJPP with my suitcase. How do I ship it to Santiago?

    Thank you all so much! We look forward to being back in Spain via Portugal! Buen Camino!
  17. brault-singh

    I am arriving at SJPP with my suitcase. How do I ship it to Santiago?

    Thank you for your reply. This thread seems to be about stage to stage backpack forwarding. I am looking specifically for a service (or more recent experience with the Portuguese post office) to forward our ‘post Camino’ clothes to Santiago.
  18. brault-singh

    I am arriving at SJPP with my suitcase. How do I ship it to Santiago?

    We are hoping to ship our bag from Lisbon, however, I’ve noted below that the Portuguese postal service is not reliable and though both Portugal and Spain are in the EU, they consider it an international border. The above link does not show a correspondence of luggage between Spain...
  19. brault-singh

    Anyone taken a horse on the Camino?

    There’s a book called “Travels with my Donkey” by Tim Moore, that tells of his time on the Camino and the troubles and joys he had. Interesting read and very funny. It might be insightful.
  20. brault-singh

    Brooks Glycerin.

    These are my Glycerins on the day I finished our Camino Frances in 2015. They worked fantastic. The only issue I had was that I was cursing Brooks for the sole being too thin as I was feeling every pebble. When we stopped for lunch, I took my shoes off and noticed a “huge” rock imbedded in...

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