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    Lack of electrolytes – an issue on the Camino?

    My wife and I struggled with electrolyte loss on the Camino. We were lethargic, tired, had muscle cramps. A friendly alburgue hospilataro suggested that we get something from the pharmacy and provided a name of a brand. Though the name didn't help, asking for electrolytes at the pharmacy was...
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    Gadgets on the Camino

    I brought a gorilla tripod. After about a week, the tightening knob worked it's way loose and was lost on the Camino. If you do bring one. the constant bouncing takes it's toll. On the GOPRO comment. I like the GoPros because they are pretty invulnerable to the environment and as you say...
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    Gadgets on the Camino

    Make sure you have a WATERPROOF case for your phone. Just the sweat from the exertion will fill it up with water, even if it isn't raining.. which it does often by the way. I brought a small charging cube and a 2 prong European adapter. Worked no problem. Just check the voltages on each...
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    Gadgets on the Camino

    Charl: Some suggestions: Make sure you have a WATERPROOF
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    Buying gear along Camino vs locally at home

    All the above is sage advice, my only addition is a few short stories. These align with the "camino provides". We lost our guidebook on the train going to St Jean. Of course, not knowing the realities of the Camino we were desperate. Within a few hours of arriving, a Pilgrim provided an...
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    New website for Grant Spangler

    Grant: Thank you for this wonderful data and all your hard work. My wife and I completed the Camino Frances about 5 weeks ago. What an amazing experience. We looked high and low for a map of the Camino on a poster that shows the major cities. We never really had any luck. Your maps are...

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