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    It's Different This Year

    We did our 1st walk last month and everyone was wonderful except one women who was negative. I would just hold back a day and start walking and maybe the next group of people you run across will be in good spirit. Remember never let anyone steal your joy or rent space in your head. Pray for...
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    Gluten Free on Camino

    The almond cake they serve everywhere for breakfast is gluten free. It is make of eggs, sugar, flour!
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    how long

    I am 59...fat...leaving in 11 days. I have been training for months and the max I have done in a day was last week at 16 miles with about 9 pounds on my back. Today with a full pack around 12 pounds and I pooped out at about 10. It was raining so we stopped and I had a beer...bad
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    Black Toenail! Ouch.

    I have been given some advice on the toes....use band-aids over the nails. I too have an issue with the rash from my socks. So I got something for chaffing..(I am in Florida and I think it is the rubbing as I walk and the heat here). The only thing is that you have to keep putting it on...
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    Class of 2013

    Karen...I too over weight , 59 and I am going to walk the Camino. I have been trying for months to loose the weight..(I think I messed up my metabolism last time) and I have only lost 10 pounds...short the 40+ I felt I needed. But I have been walking..did 14 miles and hope to be able to do 18...
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    Space A anyone?

    As long as it is not a holiday season you should be fine...My daughter-in-law and grandkids went to visit my son at Christmas in Germany...what a mess! Then ended up paying a crazy amount for last minute flights both ways cause the military flights were all taken.
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    Gathering in Orlando

    Dogtorbill.... There is an American Camino Group with a chapter in Orlando. But we meet all over central Florida. In fact 2 weeks ago we met at my house in Daytona, did a beach walk and then picnic. It was great cause we have never done the walk and we are going the first week in May...
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    Anyone planning to walk Camino Frances April 2013.

    My husband and I will be in Sarria on the 5th of May...because of time we will be starting there...maybe with luck our paths will cross. Buen Camino
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    Activities for Local Chapter events

    Tony please join us in 2 weeks: DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA Daytona Beach Walk Sunday, January 27, 2013, 11:30 a.m. Join Gay Dearbeck on a winter beach walk. We will be walking at noon; we will make one stop around half way and then have a picnic after. Bring a dish to share and BYOB. I will get a...
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    Sarria to Santiago

    My husband and I are going at the same time and this is our first experience. We booked hotels thru a tour company. The problem is that we have to make sure we can make the distance each day. It is pretty far for this sixtish chubby If you want I could send you the name of the tour...
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    Any pilgrims from Jacksonville or North Florida

    We are from Daytona and we a hosting a walk on the 27th...beaches and bridges.
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    The Forum Patch

    I am so excited.....I got my patch today and only 5 months and we are off to Spain!!!!!!!
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    Insect Alerts!

    Does anyone know if there a fire ants in Spain and Potugual? I am very allergic and should I bring my epi pen?
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    Gathering in Orlando

    I would be interested in a gathering in the next 6 months. My husband and I will be newbees in May and we are from the Daytona area.
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    We are from Daytona and are looking to go in May of 2013. We haven't booked our trip yet but planning on it next week. Have you booked yours yet?
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    Hi, my name is Gay and I am going on my 1st walk in May 2013

    My husband and I watched the movie a few months back and it really gave us motivation to do something out of the adventure!

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