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  1. RobOH

    Acclimate First?

    I’m walking now (Astorga to Santiago). I arrived from the states similar to you. If you have time, a day to adjust is helpful. I think both for the time change and just to get your mind sorted after probably losing a night’s sleep. I was very happy to have a day to take a closer look around...
  2. RobOH

    Mileage tracker

    Strava is very popular. The free version should do what you need. Also take a look at AllTrails. Users have created trail tracks for the entire route (Frances) and I think all the stages. I’ve used both for multi hour hikes or bike rides. I hope one of these work for you. Buen Camino! Sample...
  3. RobOH

    Greetings kind pilgrims! Walking from Astorga in September

    Perfect. Thanks so much. I have about 2-3 slack days built in just for those reasons. Whether it’s a recovery day, and extension, an extra day in SdP or maybe Madrid on my way out. Or if I’m just slow! Lol. 🐌 I gleaned lots of good insights from these discussions and they all went into my...
  4. RobOH

    Greetings kind pilgrims! Walking from Astorga in September

    Oh yes, 100%. I’m planning to spend 2-nights there to get my bearings, see the town and recover a bit from the jet lag. I travel a lot so I know how it feels. I kind of subscribe to the power through it school, lol. But coming from the states, I’ll have a long travel day to recover from.
  5. RobOH

    Greetings kind pilgrims! Walking from Astorga in September

    Thank you everyone for your insights on these forums! I've learned so much. I'm planning my first camino and it's been super helpful. It's really great to see such an active and supportive community. Because of my work schedule, time off, etc., I have about 2.5 weeks available this fall. I was...
  6. RobOH

    First Camino Which Option of These Two Would You Choose

    Thanks everyone for the insights. I’m looking to start in Astorga around the same time (Sept 22). If I get to Santiago with time to spare, a may continue on. But it’s my first Camino as well so I’m building in some slack. OP, perhaps our paths will cross!

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