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  1. Bernard duffy

    Comment by 'Bernard duffy' in media 'Thinking about it'

    Don't think it,DO IT !!!
  2. Bernard duffy

    Your stones, your shells, your burdens....then moving on.

    I always found yer snow reports too cold anyway,all the very best in yer travels Don :)
  3. Bernard duffy

    Pilgrim Etiquette - LIVE from the Camino

    They are thieves.
  4. Bernard duffy

    The day has come!

    Buen Camino brother !!!!
  5. Bernard duffy

    Comment by 'Bernard duffy' in media 'At the end of the day...'

    Oh yes indeed,my fave part of the walking day :)
  6. Bernard duffy

    Strange Behaviour - or not . . . .

    We were waiting for you :)
  7. Bernard duffy


    Now yer speaking my language :)
  8. Bernard duffy


    Mmmm i normally pass through but i may now stay next month.
  9. Bernard duffy

    Words Do Not Lie

    I wake up on the Camino,point my nose in the direction i want to go and just walk,simple.Maps are for old folk anyway :P
  10. Bernard duffy

    Warning: fake donation collecto on the Camino Francesrs

    I like the sound of this scam,oh i mean ahem 'business',on my next Camino i will be wearing a dress n carrying a clipboard,please give generously,thank you ;)
  11. Bernard duffy

    Santiago Tomorrow

    The bug is buried deep within my soul,Gatwick to Santiago to meet up with a few amigos from Caminos past to walk to Finn-Muxia,keep on walking and don't look back.
  12. Bernard duffy

    Comment by 'Bernard duffy' in media 'St Jean Pied du Port'

    Good to see men drinking pints,proper man style :)
  13. Bernard duffy


    I did and would again,the evening meal and craic was one of the main highlights of my last Camino.
  14. Bernard duffy

    how to prepare backpack for flight?

    Good man,no point is wasting a good sandwich just to wrap yer rucksack up eh ;)
  15. Bernard duffy

    how to prepare backpack for flight?

    What do you do with yer sandwiches ???
  16. Bernard duffy

    Why the Camino scares me...

    I don't believe in all this stretching nonsence,i stretched everyday on my first Camino and i still came home 5' 7" :(
  17. Bernard duffy

    I'll look out for you,buen Camino.

    I'll look out for you,buen Camino.
  18. Bernard duffy

    how to get out of Leon? my Camino starts tomorrow!

    Don't forget to bless me :)

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